Sunday, August 18, 2013

Say It's Not Over Already!

Well this was a pretty nice mellow weekend. I was too poor to go anywhere after paying for the bus and school stuff so I couldn't afford to do anything ha!

So Saturday I spent the day cleaning. I know! No one was even coming over. I must be sick. I put my last audio book on my phone and listened to it while I cleaned.

We got up this morning and went out and did our 6 mile long run. For something different we left the "compound' as my neighbor's like to refer to our neighborhood haha and headed down the country road towards the school. It's about 4 miles to the school so we were within sight of it when we did the turn around to come back home.

I have to say that was the hottest 6 mile run I've done in a long time. I didn't take any water because it was "only 6 miles" and I didn't realize that it was that hot out. I won't be making that mistake again.
Scott and I started off together but I ended up ahead of him a bit. After I got to the turn around point I waited  for him in the shade (pretty much the only shade of the whole run) and we took a little break. He was saying that he was feeling light headed so all the way back I kept looking back to make sure he was still upright. When I got done with my six I ran to the house and grabbed some waters and ran back to him. He was walking the last part in because he was feeling too much like he was going to pass out. Scary!

So he decided maybe next time he shouldn't drink three cups of coffee before running. And  he needs to carry water ha.

Live and learn right?

We we came in the house I couldn't believe how sweaty I was. I never ever used to sweat. I would just turn red and get a migraine. Since I've lost weight and started running my body has apparently learned how to cool itself off.

Don't mind my bitchy face. I can't smile when I'm exhausted it just doesn't work.

In other news my kids have hardly been home all weekend. There is a new family out here and they have a daughter a year older than Melissa and son the same age as Trevor. Melissa went over there after school on Friday and ended up spending the night. Trevor and the boy have taken turns going back and forth between our houses. Melissa also spent the night at another neighbor's house last night. It's weird when all the kids are gone!

And now, the weekend is already over. Back to the grind tomorrow. :sigh:

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

A stuffed bear? How old does he think ya'll are? silly old man.

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