Friday, December 31, 2021


Good morning happy New Years Eve! 
I totally slept in this morning. Tina came into the bedroom and jumped on the bed to make sure I was still breathing. I had to get up to do my animal chores.

Breakfast and potty, everyone good now? I think I need to get some new cat activity things. Tina was on top of the refrigerator whacking at the Christmas wine charms that are on there.  She's a crazy cat, definitely gets bored!

Here is the results of yesterday's sewing! I have like 4 more prints to finish up. Yes I had a shit ton of coffee & tea fabrics.

I'm out of white thread so I've been using these off white threads I got when Trevor and I went on our trip. We went to an antique store and I bought 2 bags of threads for $6.00 total. That was a good buy for me ;) When I got done last night I looked over and realized I ALMOST finished this one off too.

Why do I feel guilty that I don't want to go to the New Years Party? So weird I think I have problems haha. The Covid numbers are outrageous here though so I'm just staying home. I'm sure Scott will be snoring in his recliner by nine! In my Facebook Memories are all the parties over the last years and it's sad to see people that have died in the last few years. Sad.

I usually watch You Tube all day while I'm working/sewing since it's not a big deal if I'm not totally paying attention but I have been sitting so much I keep getting caught up (and I think some have taken breaks for the holidays. I have added a few more people to my watch list just to have something to watch.

I mostly watch people who flip things on Ebay and the likes even though I haven't been doing that in awhile. I do watch a couple sewing type people. I started watching Scraptastic Patchwork last year when she was doing her destashing videos. She is a pretty eclectic sewer but she does a lot of scrappy stuff and I like that of course. She is doing a 0 waste challenge for the new year which is ALMOST what I do. It wouldn't take much for me to be all the way there. Mostly just saving the smallest pieces and threads for stuffing something. I do toss some fabric scraps that aren't the same textures and wouldn't fit in for keychains or strip piecing. I might try it just for fun.

I couldn't remember if I made any resolutions or goals for 2021. Looks like I didn't. 2021 was like I hope to stay alive. Pretty much the same for this year but more organized. I'm getting there bit by bit. I've been eyeing the top tote in the sewing room. My goal for next week is to get that emptied out. Woohoo go me haha. I should probably put away the Christmas stuff properly next week too.

Hope you all have a fun and safe New Years Eve!

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Thursday, December 30, 2021


Good morning happy New Years Eve-Eve! The last work day of 2021.

Several people have sent their retirement emails out to the whole agency. The only one I actually know is my boss's boss who I have talked to a couple times. She wasn't ever really present in our working day to day life but would send some stupid inspirational emails from time to time that I would never read. She went out with a power point about herself which I also didn't look at haha.

I pretty much spent all day yesterday making fabric coasters from my coffee scraps, these are all 2 sided so have more "scraps" on the reverse side.

I took a break to make a soup that I dreamed up in my head for dinner lol

Now I'm working on these hot chocolate mug rugs. Tops are all done just need to figure out what to put on the back. 

I got all caught up on my You Tube people so I went over to Netflix and watched The Irishman. I now see this movie was 3 1/2 hours long. It felt 3 1/2 hours long but it was interesting.

It is so cold in my sewing room. I guess I should go turn the heater on. My PG&E bill is probably going to be high for this month. Funny how they don't tell everyone to turn off their heat like they do with the AC when it's 110 outside.  The sun is out today too so maybe it will warm up a bit. And yes, this is CA cold not North Dakota cold haha.

Well off to figure out my time card. They keep wanting us to split up what code to charge our time to, it's super confusing.  

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021


 Guys! Guess what happened this morning? 


I know it's a freaking miracle haha. Well they did miss one little piece but still. Yesterday I broke down a bunch of cardboard boxes and left them in a pile on the floor in the kitchen. This morning I got up and some magical fairy actually took them out to the recycling bin. I've never had the fairy show up and do things for ME before! 

I feel like I should leave a thank you note.

Anyhow, happy WEDNESDAY, yes I had to look to see what day it is and I'm technically working all this week except for Friday. This has got to be the most boring week to work all year. Like EVERYONE is on vacation. Except me and apparently the girl in the other department that I share some job duties with. Although I think she is off today too.

Yesterday I finished up the key chain pile. I need to get some more of the display racks I have for them if they still sell them. 

Now I'm working on sewing up the left over pieces of coffee fabrics I had. I had cut them all into coaster size (and some mug cozies I still need to sew up) and this is the leftovers that weren't big enough. I stayed up until after midnight working on them and I still wasn't even tired but went to bed anyways.

Trevor had to get his ingrown toe nail cut out yesterday (so gross) and wanted me to go with him. I was like I'll wait in the car lol. Then he wanted to go to sushi. This sushi place is a lot more expensive I think. But it was super yummy. We had a spicy one on the left, I can't remember what it was called, then the other two were a tiger and a fancy dragon of some sort.  Yes we ate it all lol.

No plans for today (or this week/weekend) other than sewing. I got the Christmas tree out and down but just set all the ornaments and lights in a box for now. I still need to go out and bring the actual boxes they go in into the house. Maybe later..

My friend's daughter and her husband finally made it back to Nevada. They came home (to their parents houses) for Christmas and then got snowed out.  My friend said they finally got home at like 1:30am, like 12 hours for normally a 3 1/2 hour drive. No thanks! Glad they made it home though.

It is supposed to rain again today, then we have a dry spell until Tues & Wednesday next week (40% chance of rain). There is record snow fall in the mountains so you know what that means, we'll be on flood watch when it all melts. It's either feast or famine here in the valley.

I should probably call and order more gravel for the driveway when it's done raining. That would be the responsible thing to do.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021


 Good morning happy Tuesday! Today is my first alone day since last Wednesday lol. 

Yesterday after work my little buddy came over to hangout for a bit while his mom ran an errand. We had some casserole for dinner with a little bit of leftovers mixed in. He picked out all the olives first, then the mac salad lol.

I was trying to get my phone to stop using the low light setting and accidentally got a cute picture haha. Just playing with his toys.

After he went home I worked on the keychains. Stocked up on Giants for a bit.

some misc and 49ers, should make more of those still. 

the mostly black pile

I just have all the blue ones to finish sewing today.

I watched this movie while I sewed. "Don't Look Up". It was interesting for sure. A little scary to think about with some comedy.

Today's plan is to take down the Christmas tree and put all the Christmas stuff away. Well into the boxes anyways. Looks like we have a little break in the rain for a bit and the sun is out.

Somehow there is a bunch of laundry in the laundry baskets. I'm not entirely sure someone didn't leave their clean clothes in the basket and then throw dirty stuff on top of it. Forever everyone's mother/maid.

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Monday, December 27, 2021


Good morning it is back to work Monday! Booo

Trevor is home today too so I have company. Yesterday I worked on keychains for most of the day. They are all ready to sew the edges so they are almost done. No plans for this week other than working. I don't want to go to the New Years Eve party at the club this year so we'll probably just be home.

Pictures from my brother's house on Christmas Day. My kids have all said next year they just want to stay home so I guess that is what we will do even though it makes my mom mad. It is just too loud with all the little kids and too many people. It didn't help that it rained all day so no one could go outside. 

Here is my brother Louie's 4 kids

Daniel got a bunch more presents (look at Fancy the dog in the background, she is so cute)

We all got there around 3ish for dinner at 5 but I think it was probably like 7 or something when we ate. We passed my phone around to try and get pictures of everyone.

This is the big kids after hanging out (Adrian is behind the wall)

We were short a couple seats so the boys got moved to the tiny table lol
Little Joe & Vincent

Nephew Tony, Dad and Mom

The girls Adrian, Ava & Emma

Little Daniel loved the pasta 

Jess & the little guy

My brother Joe, Maegen & Stella

Brother Louie & Michele

Melissa & Eric

Trevor with a meatball in his mouth apparently ;)


We hung out for awhile afterwards and somehow I didn't end up helping to clean up at all (that was great haha) but I did hold Stella for awhile to "help". She is only 4 months younger than Daniel but she is SO tiny. 

So Christmas is in the books! I'm glad that is over with because it makes everyone so stressed out worrying about buying things and all the gatherings. Now we have a break for a bit! (unless someone plans something for my mom's birthday in January lol)

Tomorrow I am going to take the tree down (that's what I'm telling myself anyways) and put the Christmas stuff away. Need to wash the Christmas fabric stuff so I can put them in the boxes too. It is still raining off and on here so it's all wet and icky outside. Not fun for walking back and forth to the outside garage to do laundry and such.

Sounds like more sewing in the future for me ;)

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Sunday, December 26, 2021


 Good morning happy Christmas hang over day! I went right to laying down in my bed when we got home from my brother's house yesterday,  I was so tired!

I have a million pictures so just going to share "our house" for Christmas today. This is my favorite Christmas picture, he was so cute running around all excited.

He loved his toys, this one stayed at my house for now so he can play with it when he comes over. I told Jess we can trade out later lol.

Pancakes made by Grandpa Scott for breakfast!

I burned about 5 pieces of bacon. I had started cooking it and went in the fridge to get something and found that half a big jar of pickle juice was ALL OVER my entire fridge. So I got a bit distracted cleaning that all up. It was still edible just well done lol

Tina observing from the perch 

Trevor and his gifts

Tina relocating to under the tree haha, she hung out in the living room the whole time

Melissa's turn

and Eric, the hardest person in the world to buy for


Daniel's turn

and us

This one had to get assembled, I mostly bought it for the little basketball hoop, he had fun playing with it

and sitting in it, at one point he made it a table lol

packing his toys up to take home, he climbed in

Rusty checking it all out

Trevor got a hiking backpack and gave Tina and Tubz a ride 

We left to go over to my brother's house around 2:45, so pretty close to my we'll go at 3 schedule! I'm not sure what time we ended up eating but it wasn't anywhere near 5 lol.

This morning I laid in bed until around 10. 

Tubz is getting into all kinds of mischief playing with all the left over Christmas stuff all over the house. I think I will wait for Tuesday to put all the Christmas stuff away since everyone will be at work then.

I had 3 cookies for breakfast. It's 11:15 now so I can switch over to leftovers from last night's dinner for lunch now I think ;)

Scott is watching football. I think I am going to go into my sewing room and play around a bit (after lunch). Oh score there was 2 pieces of lasagna left. One for me and one for him. Perfect!

Hope you all had a great Christmas and have some yummy left overs!
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