Friday, December 31, 2021


Good morning happy New Years Eve! 
I totally slept in this morning. Tina came into the bedroom and jumped on the bed to make sure I was still breathing. I had to get up to do my animal chores.

Breakfast and potty, everyone good now? I think I need to get some new cat activity things. Tina was on top of the refrigerator whacking at the Christmas wine charms that are on there.  She's a crazy cat, definitely gets bored!

Here is the results of yesterday's sewing! I have like 4 more prints to finish up. Yes I had a shit ton of coffee & tea fabrics.

I'm out of white thread so I've been using these off white threads I got when Trevor and I went on our trip. We went to an antique store and I bought 2 bags of threads for $6.00 total. That was a good buy for me ;) When I got done last night I looked over and realized I ALMOST finished this one off too.

Why do I feel guilty that I don't want to go to the New Years Party? So weird I think I have problems haha. The Covid numbers are outrageous here though so I'm just staying home. I'm sure Scott will be snoring in his recliner by nine! In my Facebook Memories are all the parties over the last years and it's sad to see people that have died in the last few years. Sad.

I usually watch You Tube all day while I'm working/sewing since it's not a big deal if I'm not totally paying attention but I have been sitting so much I keep getting caught up (and I think some have taken breaks for the holidays. I have added a few more people to my watch list just to have something to watch.

I mostly watch people who flip things on Ebay and the likes even though I haven't been doing that in awhile. I do watch a couple sewing type people. I started watching Scraptastic Patchwork last year when she was doing her destashing videos. She is a pretty eclectic sewer but she does a lot of scrappy stuff and I like that of course. She is doing a 0 waste challenge for the new year which is ALMOST what I do. It wouldn't take much for me to be all the way there. Mostly just saving the smallest pieces and threads for stuffing something. I do toss some fabric scraps that aren't the same textures and wouldn't fit in for keychains or strip piecing. I might try it just for fun.

I couldn't remember if I made any resolutions or goals for 2021. Looks like I didn't. 2021 was like I hope to stay alive. Pretty much the same for this year but more organized. I'm getting there bit by bit. I've been eyeing the top tote in the sewing room. My goal for next week is to get that emptied out. Woohoo go me haha. I should probably put away the Christmas stuff properly next week too.

Hope you all have a fun and safe New Years Eve!

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