Saturday, December 25, 2021


 Good morning Merry Christmas!

Santa's elf just finished putting the present for Daniel together. That took a bit longer than I thought it would haha. The kids aren't coming over until noon so we have some time to straighten up and shower before they get here.

Jess posted this yesterday. So so true lol

We took dinner over to Scott's mom's house. When we got there his sister was making dinner so apparently they didn't know we were coming lol. Glad they had not eaten it yet.  It wasn't the best visit but we made the effort and the kids all got to see Grandma and vice versa.

Got my lasagna all ready for the oven for today. Taking that over to my brother's house later.

Rusty taking up the whole couch lol. I squeezed into the empty space for a rest before we went over to his mom's yesterday. I spent all morning in the kitchen it felt like.

The neighbors brought over a new box for the kitties full of chocolates and cheese balls for us haha.

I slept like crap last night with Scott snoring facing me and blowing air at me when he breathed out. I finally got up and went to the couch where I tossed and turned and picked up the dog again and again every time she jumped down and then wanted back up. 

COFFEE is the answer they say? Almost one cup in. 

Apparently my present from Scott that he paid extra for shipping on will be here in 2 days maybe haha. I'm like well you have to order it sooner than the 20th for it to get here on time (saw the charge on the bank account awhile back for Amazon and knew it wasn't anything I bought).  Maybe he could save it for my birthday and be ahead of the game ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful day today! It is all about the kids and the littles these days :)
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