Sunday, December 12, 2021


Good morning Happy Sunday! 

Well yesterday started off a bit comical with my craft show! I got there at 7:45 and no one was there yet. One of the people that kind of knew what was going on got there at 8 and then the gal in charge got there at like 8:15.  They had us set up in the parking lot along the drop off line. I picked the end one thinking there would be people next to me but there wasn't so I had a lot of room around me for shoppers. 

I turned some of my empty totes into an extended table on the side here, that worked good to lay out the other quilts and bags.

I was busy almost the entire time. I did walk to the bathroom once and checked out a the other booths here and there.

and amazingly I think I made the most money EVER.

Just goes to show if you have your items and your price point right for where you're at you'll do ok! Not everyone else there was that lucky. 

My mom came and brought me lunch and did some shopping :) I gave her the blue patchwork bag (can't find that finished item post after 10 minutes so I give up) I made that I always debate on keeping for myself haha.  She loves it and got the zip bags that had the same fabric.

My friend Dee came (the one that works at this school) and bought a bunch of stuff and I gave her the blue and black crumb quilt I made since she always comments on how much she loves it. I was like Merry Christmas it's yours! 

Melissa was coming over to decorate the tree and wanted Papa Murphy's pizza so we had that for the 2nd day in a row. The baby was here when I got home. Scott send me this picture earlier of him playing with the toy I bought at Goodwill for $3.50!  They changed their prices back to actually being able to afford things. Look at Snookie supervising, she loves him so much!

Melissa and Eric came over and we got the tree going, the baby loved all the things with bells lol

If I move THIS light bulb maybe the lights will work..

Tubby helping

Daniel helping auntie. Trevor was here too but didn't help much and I didn't manage to get him in any pictures.

I kind of hate the gap before the star. I might have to fix it when no one is here lol

Tubby says Thanks for the toys!! When I got up this morning the tree skirt was all over.

The sad part of yesterday is the baby got burned on the heater. I was cutting up the pizza and heard him crying and he was next to the heater. I thought he had burned his fingers at first but then the burn mark showed up on his arm :( So horrible. I hope it doesn't get bad. He only cried for a few minutes and then was back to playing as usual but I won't be turning the heater on when he is here now. Poor baby :( It's amazing that none of my kids ever did that. I never really thought about it much since they never touched it when it was on, just laid on the floor next to it.

I was up several times last night with bathroom trips from the pizza not sitting right. Finally took some Pepto and it calmed down. So weird how I can eat the same thing and sometimes I get sick and sometimes I don't. Stupid body.

Today's project is to bring in my merchandise from the car so I can go through my Etsy shop and take off the stuff that sold and hit everything with the tape roller. I had everything in boxes and I was still seeing little hairs on things. So annoying. I have one more show next weekend then I'll be done for December, although I've been playing around with the idea of having an open house type thing and inviting people in the neighborhood to come over and shop. Maybe, maybe. 

It is raining a bit today so more depressing weather with Scott yelling at the football game. Joy! Trevor is at work. I should probably be going Christmas shopping but don't really feel like it. Always a procrastinator in that department lol.


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