Sunday, December 5, 2021


Good morning Happy Sunday! I almost forgot to blog this morning. I actually slept in a bit this morning and didn't fully wake up in the night, it's a miracle. 

Yesterday I spent all day sewing except for when I went to get some fish & chips for dinner. It wasn't even good so that was disappointing.
Finished my last round of projects.

I watched a few movies on Hulu. 
I'd give this one 1.5 stars

3 out of 5 stars

.5 stars

4 stars

Look at this little shit. Going to have to kick her ass if she knocks everything off the top. 

Tubby looking all cute then going "ew don't pet me I only like men"

This is my new project, cutting up most of my coffee fabrics. Cutting out mug cozies and then for coasters or mug rugs. I had so much coffee fabric. I probably won't sew all these up at once but at least they are in motion to become something. I still have several more pieces to cut up.

I just vacuumed the whole house since the little one is coming over for a bit. That is so exhausting and I don't even have a big house. Scott was sitting in the living room for awhile when I was vacuuming and I was thinking about how demeaning it feels to me to vacuum while he sits there. Probably just my own weird hang up but I hate cleaning when the guys are home.

Scott just went to Home Depot to get a new spigot for our outside faucet that is leaking. It's been leaking for a year but I guess it's enough to bother him now. Good thing we don't have an actual water bill. Although that would have been motivation ;)

Trevor went to work today, they changed his schedule up a bit so now he has Monday and Tuesday off. It is so weird one the weekend when he's not here.

OK going to cut some more fabric for a couple minutes until the munchkin gets here!


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