Thursday, December 2, 2021


 Good morning happy Thursday!

I have to type this out before I forget haha.

I always sleep the best after Scott leaves for work, it is so weird. It's only for about an hour. This morning I had one of those weird dreams where you are looking for something and you can't find it. I was looking for the dart board for darts and all I could find was ones that didn't have our game on it haha. So freaking weird.  Yes we have darts tomorrow ;)

A couple weeks ago I took all my cash I had here from my shows and stuff and put it in the bank so I'd stop using it (actually put it on my credit card bill),  now I'm like uh I don't have any cash for that. Going to have to get cash for darts tomorrow, but out of the OTHER account that we share lol.

I spent all work day yesterday going through people's applications to find what they need to be "eligible" in the system since the temporary boss was telling the planners that if people don't have their land control paper work in they can skip over them. I know that will come back to haunt me since I'm the one to tell them if it is missing. Even though I was told last year I didn't actually have to do that until they were selected for funding. Every year they change the rules but you still have to somehow do it the old way. Only like 100 more to go, sigh. The good thing is once it is done it's done until the next year or if we get new apps in.

Dinner last night! Not turkey! Trevor and I actually killed off the last of the turkey he cooked Monday.  I had turkey sandwiches for lunch for two days. That free turkey I got from the grocery store is going to be in the freezer for AWHILE.

Sadly all the meat I had to cook for dinner was chicken. It turned out good though, I love the McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning (yes on chicken). It is just a bit spicy.

When I wasn't working or cleaning off the counter 26 times I got my little projects all prepped up. I ran out of interfacing so I couldn't do ALL the keychains I had cut out but there is still quite a few. Jack and Sally is pretty popular so I'm sure those will sell. Now to just sew it all up!

I might be babysitting tonight while Jess works. If so I need to run the vacuum. I should really do that every day but I don't. Maybe eventually I'll get in the habit of doing that. I've been doing really good with keeping things picked up at least!
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