Sunday, June 26, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! Although I'm not too happy that I have to work tomorrow. Booo Hisss. I'm coughing my head off though so might see if I can work from home. I need to go hit the inhaler and take some allergy meds. That seems to help.

This morning I had dog pee on my bed, ants in the kitchen and a hyper puppy eating all kinds of stuff she's not supposed to. Wooohoo. So the dishes are washed and the first load of bedding is in the washer. Thank God for waterproof mattress pads. AND to boot redoing half this post because it disappeared and didn't publish.

Yesterday I worked on my patchwork zip bags. I got almost done but started tossing a few things and just saved the last couple to do later because I was tired of them.

My fan club

Simon would like to be my lap dog.

Last night I started cleaning up all the crap in on my desk. So much stuff from my neighbor lady that died, the other neighbor bringing me all that stuff, some stuff from the thrift store and stuff I pulled out from my shed! I'm drowning. 

This is majorly improved from yesterday haha

I started cutting some larger pieces of fabric down to sell. I will keep a small piece and sell the rest of the ones I like. I am thinking of going through my book case that has the large pieces of fabric and doing the same with those but that would be dumb to start before all the loose stuff I have around. My goal is to get 50 pieces down then list them on the Facebook destashing group. Hopefully that still works since FB keeps making things difficult. I have a bunch of patterns too. I will probably just try to resell them there first and then put what is left on my Etsy. 

I asked Trevor if he wanted to go to the store for us. He said maybe. Hoping he decides to go since we are out of everything. I don't really want to go myself since I'm coughing. We might have to just eat potatoes for dinner haha. And yes I know I overthink going to the grocery store WAY too much.

Ok hopefully this works this time!

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Saturday, June 25, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! This morning I asked my son what time he was working today and he told him he had quit his job. So guess no alone time for me for a bit. Nice.. Hopefully he gets into some community college program he says he applied for.

Anyhow! I finished all my tote bags yesterday! I did the last 2 with the fusible fleece and they are way thinner. Definitely like the other batting better but they are all done.

The last string blocks one

and then these 2 have the 1 1/2" strips

Today I am going to work on all the zip bags to finish off the stuff from this project! I don't think I'll finish it all but maybe.

My head was so congested last night I found my nose spray (flonase) and used it and went to bed. I woke up with the worst headache and had to get up to take some ibuprofen. I still have a little bit of the headache left but all the congestion is gone. So weird. I am doing a little bit of coughing but hopefully that will be done real quick.

I got all the clothes washed yesterday I just have to put them away. I need to wash my bedding today too. Currently I have the sprinkler going. My yard looks absolutely horrible. Oh and I got everything off the front porch finally yesterday too. Just need to go through the stuff that was leftover from the yard sale and decide what to do with it. I did a little bit yesterday. Some stuff went into the trash. Some stuff I'll keep and some stuff with get donated I think!

Tina says it's a great day to relax ;)

I think for my next sewing project when I finish this is to put the backing on the denim quilt top I had made. I already washed the backing so I just need to sew it together. Shouldn't take too long. 

I still don't have any groceries. Might send the kid now since he's unemployed...

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Friday, June 24, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! It is my last day off boohoo.

I am sick still and have a runny nose and a bit of coughing. I just took an allergy pill to see if that helps a bit (it did yesterday). Last night I was digging through my medicine to find something before bed and everything left expired in 19 or 20. Time to refill the medicine basket. I took another Covid test last night and still negative so just a cold for sure.

Yesterday I watched Daniel for several hours, we watched a bunch of movies, Luca (I only half paid attention to that one but he watched a good portion), Aristocats which he loved and Peter Pan. 

He cracked me up he was dipping this toy with a hat into ranch and then licking it off. I was like that's kind of gross but I guess it's ok haha.

Little guy zooming haha, he did this for a really long time! It is too hot here to play outside so this was one way to use up some energy. Today's forecast is 102. It's been in the hundreds for a few days and supposed to stay there until Tuesday which says 97 so not much better.

Simon resting on me haha. I kept falling asleep while watching a movie and Trevor asked me if I was drugged or something. No just 48...

After I took him home I finished working on my brown bag, this one ended up long and skinny

and a zip bag and coin bag out of the leftovers

This morning Snookie decided she wanted to either kick Simon's ass or be a puppy, not sure which one lol. Yes that is my underwear on the floor they didn't start off there. Thanks Simon!

Today's plan is I have one more bag to sew up with the batting I have. I was thinking I might just use the fusible batting I have for the remainders since I have a bunch of that. That way I don't have to go buy anything or go out. Debating on going to the store real quick or doing another Instacart order. The prices are jacked up a bit for Instacart but it is nice not to have to go out. Plus someone else is getting some money to do my shopping for me too so it is helping someone else out right?

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Thursday, June 23, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! Only 2 days left of my vacation and I'm full of snot. Sucks.
No baby pictures from yesterday since I was stuck at home.  I did get a lot of sewing done though. 

This bag turned out just as fantastic as I thought it would

Some little zip bags of the left over reds

and this one is purse size

Love the zip bags from these scraps

Next up is a brown one and then I have one with misc colors. Then I have to go to Joanns to get more batting to finish the last one or two (not sure what was left without batting)

That's my plan for today since my nose is running/stuffed up. Need to unbury my nose spray that has to be on my desk in my sewing room since it is not in the kitchen anywhere.  I took the last of the Robitussin this morning. I think that was the last of any cold type meds in the house. time to restock again. 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Good morning happy Wednesday! I was thinking Trevor was over sleeping for work but then remembered he is off today.

I woke up to a runny nose and a little bit scratchy throat. Of course now my ear is plugged up a bit. Took a Covid test and it is negative. Probably got it from Daniel he's had a little bit of a runny nose lately.

Yesterday I finished this little black bag. Super scrappy. I think I will use it for my lunch for work. 

something I did that I'm not sure of made the side a little weird.  I had cut down the original pattern a bit so apparently I should have adjusted the side a bit.

I also sewed up some zip bags

Earlier in the day I watched Daniel while his sister went for her first doctor appointment.

Stole pic from Jess, she's so tiny!

I had Trevor pick us up some Panda for dinner and then later Melissa came over to get her registration sticker and wanted Panda too so we went for a drive and got her some. 

I fixed the under arms of Scott's Tiger shirt and Melissa was saying we had a picture of Trevor in it that I had forgot about. She went and found it in his scrapbook.

Tina looking cute in my sewing chair

Simon is having a great time zooming around the house this morning. She could probably use a good run in the mornings. Trevor was trying to get her to pull him on his skateboard yesterday but said she needs to be just a little bigger for it to work.

Bloglovin is actually working this morning so I can read a few more blogs. I've started bookmarking my favorites on my computer since all the sites that you can put your favorites on keep dying out. 

No plans for today other than some sewing. Should probably do some laundry but we'll see if I get that far. Just noticed today is the day that Lillian was scheduled to be born, still a whole 4 more days until her actual due date.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2022


 Good morning happy Tuesday! 

No sleeping in today with these dogs sheesh. Finally had to get all the way up after Simon knocked over a tote box and it went crashing to the floor. It was so loud!

Here is my finished tote bag after doing some whip stitching in a couple places. It doesn't look too bad. I still like it :)

I finished up all the "blue" zip bags, I love this little coin bag.

This is my favorite of the zip bags with it's teeny tiny scrap panel

This one somehow ended up with Pooh in the middle. I tried cutting characters out of these but this one slipped in and ended up in a great spot. 

2nd favorite

Now I am working on a smaller black scrap one that is all crazy. I will probably just use it for myself. I am working on zip bags with the black scraps too.

For dinner last night I went to Jessica's. They BBQ'd some tri tip, chicken and burgers. Big Daniel's sister made potato salad and this chicken buffalo dip they make, Jess made mac salad and peanut butter pie. It was great and I didn't have to bring anything haha.

Daniel going for a swim for the 12th time of the day. He's such a little water boy. 

Love this one

One week old already

Last night I went and hung out on the porch of the bar with my friend Cassi and other neighbor friends. It was nice until there were too many bugs. 

Today's plan is to work on my bags some more and I think I am babysitting Daniel when they take Lillian for her 1st doctor's appointment. Not sure what time that is at yet. It is supposed to be in the 100's for the rest of the week so the AC is going already.

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Monday, June 20, 2022


Good morning happy Juneteenth! I am off today for the holiday but also off for another week. It has been so wonderful. Makes me not want to work anymore haha.

Scott came and got the day bed and took it to his mom's house to sleep on so I pushed everything against the wall and ahhhhh it feels so much better. Now I can see through to the kitchen/living room depending on what room I'm in without the couch in the way.

I worked on my scrappy tote bags and actually gone one all done

 and THEN found a couple spots where the fabric came out of the seam. So sad :( I attempted to fix this one but it looks poopy.

and this morning found another one when I went to take the pictures. I think I might do some embroidery floss stitching on it. It is lined so I can't just sew through the whole thing and it is way too much work to take it apart. 

In the evening Jess was ready for Daniel to come play. He had a great time. Between him and the dogs they were super busy haha

Scott forgot his phone so came back for it and hung out some more. Daniel LOVES him and cries when he leaves.

We watched Toy Story again and then we were watching Monsters University but didn't finish it because it was getting too late and I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Tubz was letting him decorate her with a necklace while I cleaned up the toys lol

Lucy is like we're supposed to be in bed now..

Today's plans are to play with the tote bags some more and then later there is a bbq at Jessica's house for Daniel's dad and siblings. I'm probably just going to go and not make anything since it sounds like they had it all covered. Not sure what time that is happening though. Probably end up with the little guy over here at some point. 

The pups just finished up a wrestling session

She's so pretty, hopefully soon she's potty trained...


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