Saturday, December 3, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday!
I woke up a little stuffy and thought for sure I had the creeping crud but now I don't feel so bad. Yesterday big Daniel came down with the fever. Jess and I are just like waiting for it to hit us. Praying it skips us this time!

Doing some laundry. Of course I had to rewash what was in the washer that I abandoned at some point. I just went out to switch it over and the washer didn't spin. So now I have to wait for that to happen.

Just organized one of my dresser drawers looking for matching socks. I have one more to clean up and get them matched up again. No idea how they got so messy, I'm not usually like that lol. 

Yesterday I went to Trevor's Dr appt for his psoriasis. The doctor was so happy to see me. I think he gets overwhelmed when he goes by himself and can't make any decisions. The Dr was like here are the treatment options and the side effects which one do you want (to me) and I was like it's up to him. he went with the oral med with the least amount of side effects so we'll so how it goes. Poor kid I'm like maybe if you do the injections it will help it go down faster. Sadly it will never go away.

Afterwards we went to Chili's for dinner. We came home and he went to bed and I went to the sewing room. First I had to clean my room since TINA made such a mess. I swear she's a little terror pulling stuff out and knocking stuff over. Got that cleaned up and then started working on my wine totes. I separated them out with one of each fabric. I have a bunch of small panels that needed piecing so I started with those. I have 3 left to piece together and then I can sew those up the rest of the way.  A bunch of those I had only cut the linings and nothing for the outside so I had to do that too.

They look like little shirts waiting to be sewn.

Simon is outside even though it's sprinkling. I brought her back in and she keeps scratching at the door to go back out. She loves it out there lol.

Ok back to some sewing and washing clothes. Maybe I'll find something to eat for breakfast... So weird being by myself so much when not that long ago we had 5-7 people living here.

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