Friday, December 30, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! Hard to believe it is the last one of 2022. This year went fast. I think they just go faster the older you get. 

Yesterday I worked on my little stuffed hearts. I decided I needed to go buy new pinking shears and asked Trevor if he wanted to go with me. So we went to Joanns and then next door to Kohls so I could use the Kohls cash I got. I had $30 so didn't want to waste it. I got 2 bath towel sheets for $1.06 out of pocket. Nice!

Then we decided to go to sushi. It was pretty packed so it took awhile to get our food but it was so good. We got stuffed mushrooms which I didn't take a picture of but I will definitely get that again, miso soup and 2 rolls, a garlic roll and a dragon roll.  Delicious

I think my mom was going through some pictures yesterday, she sent this one of my Grandma from Christmas 1993. My mom was like look how tired she is, she had made dinner for everyone so yeah probably lol. Cooking for everyone is exhausting. My step Grandpa was in the picture who I claimed like a real grandpa until after she died and I found out he had a girlfriend. F$cker. You're cropped out. He's still alive but lives in Pennsylvania. Grandma's house is just sitting there but I think my cousin may live there. I'd love to have that house. HUGE great room they built on, perfect for the family gatherings. 

This is my mom. I love this picture. I told her we should frame it with one of each of us through the years making the same face lol. 

I have a basket of hearts done, I still have a big stack to finish sewing. Stuffing them is the worst part. I need to remember to leave the opening larger so it's not a struggle. 

I have one email of something to do this morning so I guess I'll get that done!

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