Friday, December 9, 2022


 Good morning happy Friday! TG it is Friday. I am sitting here crying. 

I need one of those is has been _ many days since I cried things haha. It has been 0 all week. 

After work yesterday I went to the grocery store and got some things. My friend messaged me about going to the bar later and I was like sure. Then like 10 minutes later she's like I'm here. I was like uh still in another city... so she got a head start on me and I had to rush to get home and feed the dogs and put away the fridge groceries. Hung out til 9:30 when I was like I'm turning into a pumpkin haha. Got home and went to bed.

After Trevor left for work this morning I woke up to a weird noise. I went in the living room and Simon was eating a big hole in the arm part of my couch. Ugh. Well that couch is junk now. Going to just patch it up and then if Trevor ever moves out and takes this dog I'll buy a new one. Or he can buy me a new one.

Cleaned up piles of poop and pee and put the dog outside after I got up for good. Then I'm sitting here and she's running across the field. She got loose some how. Good thing I was sitting in the front window area. Took me a bit to catch her she was bark talking to a neighbor and then would spring and jump all hilariously as I tried to catch her. At least she didn't just bolt away. Trevor got home right before I caught her.

Today we had this little training thing and they're like click this click that click this. OMG. I'm on this tiny lap top trying to figure out wtf they are talking about and just had to give up. Fuck me even most of the older people got it and I'm lost. I know I could have done it if I had two screens going like in the office. My new boss said she'd help me later.  I actually logged off from work for lunch today because I don't even want to look at the stupid screen or hear  anything. I really hate having anxiety over this stupid shit. Why do I start crying? So annoying. I must have PMS on top of all this.

TG I don't have to work tomorrow. 

Ok going to go get some actual lunch since someone is probably watching the clock to see what time I come back 😡

If you need me I'll be over here crying in my lunch..

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