Saturday, December 31, 2022



Good morning happy New Year's Eve! 

I have zero plans because I'm still sick-ish and don't have the energy to go anywhere. 
Yesterday I worked on my hearts some more. I am almost done sewing them up. Just have some blue ones and darker red ones to finish. I think I am going to attempt to make some pom-poms next to put on the strings.

The house was so hot when I woke up. Trevor had turned the heater on (it is as old as dirt and you have to turn it on and off manually) and left it on for a few hours. I over slept so when I woke up it was so hot. Currently sitting with a fan on me.

Jess just asked me to watch the kids while she goes to the store in a bit. I was like ok but I have to take a shower first lol. I will be babysitting tomorrow too while she works so kids time! She said the baby is coughing, so sad :(

Maybe I can get her to pick up some Papa Murphy's Pizza for us for dinner tonight. That sounds good. 

What's everyone's NY Resolutions? 
I have the same as always, lose some weight, don't die and this year I'd like to be debt free! Although I am talking to my friend about buying her house down the street. Either me or my kids or a combo effort but that is different since that is an asset and not just some crap you buy on a credit card lol.  I just have Trevor's dental work ($1800), my car ($3600) and a bit of student loan left ($3K). Is anyone actually still trying to pay the student loans now? If I get everything else done I might just work on that some more to get rid of it, even though it has been approved to be swept away. We all know how that is going though. 

Ok guess I should go shower and get ready for the kids.

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