Thursday, December 15, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday!
I'm supposed to be in the office today but Trevor's truck wouldn't start this morning so I told him to just take my car. Oh darn. Not like I have anything to do anyways. I did do like 2 email type things this morning so it's been "busy" haha.

Yesterday the area boss guy called me from his car to talk about why I think their awesome changes suck. He didn't really agree with me, imagine that lol. He says give it til February and I am going to be SO BUSY. I said yeah sure.

I was going to work on making some Christmas draw string bags and pulled out some Christmas fabrics but then got side tracked by these cute little panels and decided to make mug rugs out of them. I think I will give a set to my mom and sent my friend a set. I am just working on doing some top stitching on them. I got all of the town hall ones done last night.

Scott came by to bring some formula for the baby. They are out of her formula at all the stores around here. He found 2 cans in the bay area so that is helpful.

I don't know if I mentioned it before but he bought a motorcycle awhile back. I've been being a big meanie and leaving it up to him to get the insurance on it. I usually do everything. Instead of just calling he's been trying to do it online for like a week. I don't think you can actually do it online lol. I could just do it for him but I'll give him a little bit longer to try ;) Oooo he just called while I was writing this and our insurance AAA doesn't actually do motorcycle insurance. So now he has to call somewhere else.

The kids went to see Santa yesterday at the Great Wolf Lodge where Daniel works. 

Little D says no thanks!

Rosie is like this is a nice Grandpa lol

Jess asked if I could watch them tonight while they go Christmas shopping so that will be my evening. Tomorrow night I have darts and Sunday I have the craft show. Monday we're going to do Christmas cookies so I need to buy the stuff for that somewhere in there. 

Maybe Saturday we'll do some Christmas shopping. I have hardly bought anything. Scott keeps asking me when I want to go and I'm like you get home at 7:30? Can't really do much on the week days. I'll be glad when this craft show is done and then it will be full out Christmas prep. Heck we still didn't even get a Christmas tree yet lol. I figured the kids could decorate it on Monday in between cookies.  I want to book a lot of craft shows next year I think. I need to get out of the house more haha. Force myself to be. Plus I need to sell off all this stuff I keep making ;)

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