Friday, December 2, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! Today I'm mourning my last day as my regular job. We'll find out Monday what bullshit we get lol.

Yesterday I took pictures and packed up all the wine coasters. Debating on putting them on Etsy or not. I think I might just wait and put up what's left after my next craft show. Look how nice the pictures look with the white background of the photo app.

Definitely nicer than on my cutting mat (I did take pictures on white paper too so they'd transfer over easier)

here they are ready for the next craft show

Next up is the wine totes!

I had to run over and watch the kids for a little bit yesterday. Won't be long before they fight over toys and play with each other. They both like this little board game thing with latches and doors

Lana sent me a text about darts last night and I was like oh crap I had the wrong day on my calendar. TG I had enough time to take a shower lol. The bartender had a "Salted Caramel Mudslide" for her drink special so I had one. Reminded me of my old scrapbooking days when we'd get together every Friday night and hang out and all the kids would play. We drank many gallons of TGIF Mudslide on those Fridays lol. 

I mostly did horrible at darts except I did get one Low Ton but no one was paying attention to give me kudos lol and then I won the very last game for our team. All total we won with a 4/3 win. The guy on our team is in the UK visiting his newborn Grandson. He's a fun guy so I missed him at darts. I think he'll be gone next time too. 

They are scheduling in person meetings now for work. I'm going to have one over-nighter in Monterey January 10-11 and then a training for my new position January 24-27 in Davis. Hopefully someone takes the dogs out while I'm gone :( That will be almost a full year since Scott's been staying at his mom's. Crazy. 

All caught up on my work stuff unless I want to update my spreadsheet for the new person who takes over my office but I'm not really feeling it. Although I probably should do it. Sigh. 

Still hoping to not get sick for the Nutcracker tomorrow afternoon. I hardly ever buy tickets for anything and that would just be my luck. Of course the kids were extra snuggly when I went over there yesterday too lol.


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