Friday, November 26, 2021


Good morning happy Black Friday! I am doing no shopping today haha. I did take the day off though. Of course now that I have decided not to do the big black Friday event that I used to do because the weather was always horrible it is nice and sunny outside.

I was going to post yesterday but then I got side tracked and forgot! Here is all the masks I finally finished on Wednesday.

Thursday morning Scott was like well I guess I'll go out and clean up the yard. I was like why are you going to do that, no one is going to be out there. Vacuuming would be more helpful. 


So that was nice. We weren't eating until 5:30 so I actually got kind of bored lol. The house was pretty much cleaned and it was just my kids coming over so no need to be extra.

Here's my little buddy having some appetizers

He is just so cute and I can't believe this time next year we'll have another one to love on!

Melissa's boyfriend spent the day hanging out with his dad so she came solo this year. Here is the spread! Jess made the mac & cheese since Daniel's family usually has that. I messed up the sweet potato pie by not warming it up enough first before putting it under the broiler for the marshmallows. Oh well more for me later haha.

I did the mashed potatoes while I was bored and put them in the crock pot, worked out good. That crock pot is very vintage now, we got it when we got married almost 30 years ago.

My plate, ate it all, died later haha

The crew minus me

A little family picture for Jess

Everyone was gone before 9. I had started cleaning up then took a little break to lay on the couch for a bit and had a Lucy cat napping with me.

The kids left the playpen and I was like the cats will probably get in there.
Didn't take long lol. Tina's like thanks for the new bed!

I boiled up the bones and the scraps and made some stock? broth? Can never remember which one it is lol to use later. Used up all my jars. 

and made myself finish cleaning before I went to bed because it is nice to wake up to a clean kitchen.

I just had some banana bread I made Wednesday to go with my coffee. Scott is off today also (that's not a usual thing so his boss must have been feeling nice lol). No plans today but to do some sewing. I got these little Marilyn Monroe coin purses in the works! I will probably get my little pile of stuff all ready to sew at cone though. I have some more zip bags and keychains partially cut out. Trying to work my way through some of this fabric stash!

I have sold several things on Etsy this week so that is nice!  I'm a little concerned about the school craft show I signed up for. It is in two weeks and I haven't heard a thing from the person organizing it. My friend that works at the school was going to check up on it for me. I'll remind her next week. 

Ok that's my 100 pictures for the day ;)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Good morning happy Turkey Eve!

Yesterday my friend Traci brought over this cat post scratcher that she was getting rid of. We traded for a coin purse I made. I think I got the better deal lol. Her cat didn't use it at all. Mine are like pole dancers on it haha.

Went to Costco and Winco yesterday. Got all my stuff! Stores were packed and gave me anxiety but I got it done. Well mostly Costco gave me anxiety. 

I got some of these flat bread pizzas for dinner. It was really good! Hoping there is still one left in the fridge for lunch lol.

I was a total sloth when I got home and just laid on my bed for the rest of the night. Today I need to clean! We are eating dinner at like 5:30 tomorrow so I'll have plenty of time to cook everything then. I'm not making any pies so nothing else really needs to go into the oven til the turkey comes out. I guess I could make the sweet potato pie today if I get ambitious. 

The baby is coming over later while his mom and dad are working so he will keep me busy! I should probably start doing some laundry since I have a big pile going.

Just a few work things to do this morning and we get off two hours early so that is nice!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Good afternoon! Anyone want to go to the grocery store for me? I am going to go pretty soon.

This guy has been extra clingy and annoying today. Seems to be the way after I've went into work for a day. He's finally settled down now. Snookie has icky belly today, it is making so much noise. Need to give her a GasX that seems to help when she has that issue.

My friend made her Christmas cards with some green buttons (into a wreath) and she was like would you have had these buttons on hand? I was like hmmm MAYBE..

I also have a tin of buttons that aren't sorted at all. I went a little overboard collecting when I was making so many mug cozies. Some day I will sell some of them off to lighten my stash.

Got all my bedding washed last night. This guy was all comfy when I was putting the last two blankets on the bed, didn't bother to move when I put them on.

What are you having to eat on Thanksgiving? Making my list

Appetizers-deviled eggs, salami with cream cheese and peppers and a veggie tray
Dinner-turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, rolls, gravy, cranberry sauce, maybe a bagged salad to act like we're being healthy?
Dessert, pumpkin pie, peanut butter pie and probably a coconut cream if I can find a decent one

I forgot to put my work computer on the dock last night and apparently the battery ran down all the way. Since then it will not charge on the dock and I have to keep plugging it in with the actual charger (I've never had to do that in almost 2 years). It is uber annoying since then I'm stuck with the tiny screen instead of two big ones. Hopefully it will charge up all the way and then somehow start renewing itself on the dock again. We shall see.

We already got the email that we get off 2 hours early tomorrow. So nice that they do that again. 

I didn't do anything productive last night, maybe I'll finish up the masks tonight? 


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Monday, November 22, 2021


Hello happy it's almost over Monday!

I went into work today so that kept me busy all day. I finally got all the payments I've done since like March printed out and filed. Filed about 50 files into the completed contracts area. Pulled out a ton of really old contracts that are old enough to shred most of now and did a trash bag full of that and then saved the rest on my old desk to work on later. I'm exhausted! 

Of course I didn't go to the store afterwards. Oh and I forgot my work keys today so that was fun. Luckily someone was coming in the building when I was so I got in (don't even know who she is must be a new employee for the other department. For lunch one of my coworkers was there and I was like hey if I go run and get some thing can I call you to open the back door? Sure sure. I call and it goes to her voicemail. TWICE. Knocked on the window of the office she was in but the blinds were down. Then went back to the door and just missed that girl from earlier so knocked on the door and someone else opened it. That was annoying. I now have my work keys back on my keychain. 

I'm thinking maybe I should take Wednesday off to clean the house a bit. Maybe.. I think I might be babysitting a bit that day too.

Yesterday I almost got all the masks done. Just adding elastic and have to sew it together and then into place. I had to stop for the little guy.

He had fun playing with the toys

He had some dinner and then fell asleep not too long after. Little baby burrito on the couch. Scott was sitting in his chair not too far away and I put pillows on the floor. Usually he doesn't roll but he rolled right off the couch onto the pillows and bumped into the chair lol. He was fine! Then he laid down on my bed with me and went back to sleep.

This morning I woke up to my bed being wet. At first I thought it was from Scott taking the dogs out but then I was like that's a bit too much wet. Someone that wasn't me peed on the end of the bed. I think it was Rusty, he is really jealous of the baby. Good thing I have a water proof cover on my bed (plus an extra one under it). Sadly I have to wash all my bedding AGAIN (just washed it Friday). I should have got it started this morning but I didn't so now I have the sleeping bag I never got in the dryer rewashing in the washer first, then I'll start the bed. Good thing I can do it in two washes. Damn animals.

Trevor was home alone today while I was working and so far I can tell he made a cookie kit my mom got for Halloween. I'm not sure what else he made but there is a shit ton of dishes. Aye. When the kid moves out I might not have to wash dishes for like a week. 

Oh the other fun thing at work today. The girl who is in charge right now came in and was like we should be able to come back to the office now the numbers aren't that high. I'm like WHY? Ugh I no wanna go back to work every day. I wouldn't mind like 1/2 the time at work 1/2 at home. If we had people alternating who was in the office (kind of like we do now already but with the door actually being open) I think that would be fine.

The only time I've been sick in the last year and a half plus is when we got Covid. Usually I'm sick several times a year. It's been nice being home in our little bubble. Plus the animals are going to be so sad.  Too bad we can't take our dogs to work haha.

Ok time to feed the kitties dinner. I was bad and got a milk shake on the way home so I'm not even hungry. No idea what's for dinner, probably don't even need to eat!


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Sunday, November 21, 2021


Good morning happy Sunday! 

I finished up these bags and keychains yesterday morning.

I was going through my stuff trying to decide what to make next and doing a little cleaning up and decided on some Christmas masks and some more Pokémon since I sold most of the kids ones I had made already. Also have some Mario's. I cut out some other stuff for bags & keychains but just working on the masks so far. It is kind of fun doing a theme set.

I finished watching that season of Survivor and then it automatically started another one that I was like I think I've watched this before? But couldn't remember who won so just kept watching it. Still working on that one although I Googled one of the players so now I know who wins again darn it.

It is just so interesting watching people's personalities come out.

We went to Jessica's work and had dinner last night. It's like a little dive bar and restaurant. I had a Western burger it was so good and I was stuffed for the rest of the night.  The place was pretty dead when we were there. She said it is dead if there is a fight on and a new bar opened somewhere in town too.

Scott is making breakfast. I slept all night again and slept in this morning. Too bad I have to get up at early time tomorrow and go into work. I need to make my list tonight of stuff for Thanksgiving and go to the store for it tomorrow. I don't want to do be doing that on Wednesday lol. 

We are going to watch the little one while the kids work this evening so that will be busy time :) They came over for a few minutes yesterday and he is just so stinking cute.

Today is my high school bestie and maid of honor's birthday. Can't believe we're turning 48. Sheesh almost to 50 already.  My birthday is in a couple months but we're making the turn! We sure had some fun doing stupid shit when we were kids haha.

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Saturday, November 20, 2021


Good morning happy Saturday! It's a miracle I actually slept all night without waking up. It could have been because I went to bed after midnight BUT I didn't wake up again haha.

Look at this beauty watching her boyfriend make breakfast in the kitchen.  This table cloth has exceeded it's $5 worth of usefulness I think haha. I was trying to get it to last until Thanksgiving. We're almost there! I love these kind with the vinyl on the top and the flannel on the back. I 'm sure all the Christmas ones are sold out already.

My friend Cassi invited me to go to the movies with her yesterday. We went and saw the new Ghostbuster's movie. It was pretty good for what it was. When we first got there I had the sleepies and I was like oh God please don't let me fall sleep during the movie but I made it lol.

I remember when the first Ghostbusters came out and my friend's mom took us to see it at an old movie theater somewhere. I don't remember what town it was in. That was my friend when I was younger that always had someone else that was her best friend. It was like revolving but I was there all the time. So weird. She is also the one that doesn't like me anymore apparently since she gave me the cold shoulder when we had our high school reunion and I went to give her a hug. Yep, wrote her off. Have a nice life!

After the  movies I was starving even though I had popcorn. I asked my friend what was for dinner and she said "popcorn" and then drove home. Sad panda lol. When I got home Trevor was destroying my clean kitchen making an apple pie from scratch. So that's what I had for dinner. 

I stayed up late sewing and watching the latest episode of Survivor that is on Netflix (season 567 I think ;))

I got almost everything I was working on done but here is the mouse & mushrooms print. It is so cute! I have a matching mask that I had made the other day too.

Just need to finish up the Pokémon keychains and then that group will be done too.

No plans for the weekend other than sewing. Should probably do Instacart or go to the grocery store but I don't really want to. Still have plenty of stuff to eat just not ready made stuff. I should probably start making a list of what to get for Thanksgiving and get that done after work on Monday since I'll already be out and about. 


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Friday, November 19, 2021


Good morning happy FRIYEAH! We made it through the week (almost).

No plans for today other than I think Jess is going to borrow my car to go somewhere. Probably going to work on some laundry that's piling up.

Yesterday I cleaned off the dresser on Scott's side of the bed. He never removes anything he sets down there. 

He has these pictures he brought home from his parent's house. His brother had put them in a box awhile back so he brought them home. They sat on his dad's dresser forever. I took them apart to clean the glass and snapped some pictures. 

This is from the day his parents got married. His sister got this blown up super big for their 50th anniversary. His parents look so young and beautiful. His mom was only 17 here, They got married the end of January and she turned 18 in March. Of course she was already pregnant by that time!

This picture is super faded so I adjusted it a bit on my phone. Helped a bit! This is his parents and baby Scott. His mom was 40 when he was born, baby number SIX! 

This is Scott's dad and his parents, he was so adorable! Scott's grandfather died when he was 47 years old of a blood clot. They thought it was a heart attack but it says on his death record it was a blood clot (passed on his Factor V Leiden right on down the line). 

And Scott's dog growing up, Murphy, 15 years old here.

Melissa and Trevor were subs on our dart team last night so we were the all Hoffman team. I WON TWO GAMES! AGAINST MEN! That was pretty damn exciting haha.  Afterwards we hung out and Cassi came. We played one game of Cricket with everyone and Melissa's boyfriend and then the boys split off to play something else and we played some more with just the girls.

Fun times. Melissa and Trevor look a lot a like in this picture, I've never seen that before haha.

I got my time card put in and just have the same old boring letter things to work on. I see more cleaning in my "breaks" forecast ;) 

I want to work on some sewing this weekend since I haven't really sewn all week. I sold almost all of the kids masks I made so I need to make some more of those. I still have some Pokémon bags and keychains to sew up first though!

There are some people making these amazing bowls out of cotton clothesline rope and fabric. I want to get some of the rope to try out. One of these days I might make it to WM to pick up some of it. Might just order some online since I hate that store.

The lady that made these is named Kathy Kirby. Look how beautiful the INSIDE is on this one.

and a cute Pumpkin one

I've been seeing several people make them, it's so fun to see what people come up with.

I'm dying from cramps this morning, might have to give in and take some ibuprofen. I've been trying not to take any kind of meds besides my blood pressure meds in case anything is affecting my liver numbers. Last night I went to bed with a nightgown and sweatpants on. I had to get up at 2am and change my top to a tank top, take off the sweats and go change my under ware that are old and were stretching out haha. Needless to say I was up for about an hour trolling FB ;)

Ok guess I'll go refill my coffee cup and do something important.

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Thursday, November 18, 2021


Good morning it's Thursday,  DARTS night day! I just remembered I forgot to buy some new tips for the darts. Whoopsie. I broke most of the good ones ;)

This is what I get as soon as I sit down every morning. LOUD BREATHING, kicking things. Sheesh. Old boy is so gray now. Took him out and he's fine for now. Yesterday he went out 50 times it felt like.

I did some miscellaneous cleaning yesterday. Mostly just picking up everyone's trail of mess they leave for the maid. Got the rug in the living room turned sideways, vacuumed it and spot cleaned it. This morning I can tell where Scott walked across it to get to his chair. Why can't men take their shoes off? Why is that a manly thing to wear your dirty shoes in the house? I need to get a darker rug lol.

Here is the little toys I got for the baby at Big Lots. Nothing exciting but thought we could have fun with the shape sorter thing. This packaging is impressive. It is all cardboard and can go into the recycling. If only more toys came that way! 

I moved our "movie cabinet" from the entry way to the living room by the heater. It needs to be polished up with some Old English scratch cover front this picture lol. Jess took a lot of the VHS movies to her house so I ended up with a whole empty drawer. Perfect for the 2 small totes I had of Legos! These drawers are heavy so it will be awhile until the baby can get them open (plus they have doors covering them up too). Should be fun when he gets old enough to play them. One of the few toy things I have saved over the years. I used to buy Legos at garage sales and sometimes resell them too.

Trevor picked up Panda Express for dinner for us so I didn't have to cook. I went over and hung out with Jess and the baby for awhile (and Sheba). Sheba is like a dog. Look at her just hanging out watching a movie.  The baby was in a trance watching Shrek. He had spent a few hours at the park and was tired lol.

He walks all over but will crawl up to something to stand up to do it. I'm going to watch him for a little bit today to cover the gap between mom and dad working. His aunt is going to watch him while we are at darts.

I just paid off another credit card this morning. I am down to 2 cards, my car and a small student loan which I went in yesterday online and it will do a payment next month so that will get going again maybe. Now to focus on the next lowest balance card to get rid of that one :) I'm excited to get them all paid off! 

I'm pretty much caught up for work now except for going through apps updating what they need and sending them an email/letter and the forms. That is super boring so I can only do a bit of those and have to get up and move around.

Well that's all I've got for this morning! Hopefully the day stays nice and mellow although it would be nice if the fog would burn off soon. It is so dark I had to turn a light on.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Good afternoon Happy Humpday!

Last night I did the depression 7:30 go lay in bed and look at Tik Tok until midnight. Not allowing myself to do that again tonight lol.

I HATE this time of year it is so depressing. Plus it is weird when you are basically alone.

I had sent Scott my "notes" on my phone with what I wanted from the grocery store. He comes home and is like did you send me a list or something? I just saw potatoes. I'm like yes if you touched that it would have opened up... Apparently his phone was dead and he didn't get it charged until later but somehow still got my message to bring the wheelchair home that we borrowed from my friend. Suspicious haha.

This morning seems like it's been 3 years long already. All caught up on what I ignored yesterday while I was in the office. Now I'm just doing some prep stuff for when I'm in the office again to make stuff go faster.

I'm pretty sure I have PMS this week (surprise). I just want to eat a chocolate cake or something.

No plans tonight for after work so I guess I will sew (probably). There is bingo tonight but I don't really feel like going. I have darts tomorrow and that is enough times to hang out in the kitchen/bar when I'm being sober. 

I'm a bowl of excitement today! No pictures so far today since I shared them all last night. 

Guess I'll finish working on this boring project!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Hello happy Tuesday that is almost over. I just got home from work. I dove right in when I got to work so no post this morning.

We'll start with yesterday! I went and got my boobs squished. It pinched a tiny a bit on the first one but I just did some controlled breathing and it was fine. The whole time I was getting it done I was thinking it must really suck for girls with smaller boobs than my small boobs. It seemed like it took a bit of effort to get enough up there. I was telling the tech that it's too bad they don't have a table you can lay on and it would scan them. She said yeah and get a massage while you're there. I said might as well through in some chocolates too haha. So that took all of half an hour tops from the time I got there to the time I left. One of the few places I've been that still has chairs marked not to sit in them for distancing.

Afterwards I went over to Big Lots to look at the rugs there. They didn't have any big ones I liked. They did have this neat fireplace thing though. That might look nice under the TV? If only my husband didn't have all these dumb gaming systems. with cords that go all over.

Saw this mug and thought it was funny. I had to put a regular one next to it for size.

All I bought were some shape sorters/ring stacker things for the baby to play with while he's here and some trail mix so I could gain 2 pounds again.

I picked up Trevor and I some lunch since I'm always going to be fat anyways. Inflation has hit IN & Out, all the meals now cost $2 more (still cheaper than other places though).

Trevor had had the heater on and I found my calico cows laying together on the warm floor. They hardly ever lay next to each other. of course Tina then kicked the cover and scared them and they ran off.

I forgot to mention I watched Squid Games over the weekend. Holy Cow! That was good but yucky at the same time. Kind of like Hunger Games. 

I finished up the masks I had started, these are adults

These are the kids (sold 3 to someone already)

I made soup for dinner with some of the pork. I was thinking I could do like the chicken tortilla soup from Skinnytaste but sub out the pork for the chicken. Then I subbed out some of those beans I had (washed off) for black beans and threw in some rice. Oh my gosh it was so good! I was excited to have some for lunch today. My cornbread was sad since I ran out of corn meal. It was just a little extra flour. 

On the way to work this morning I saw this dog and all its bones. I almost went back but I was like what am I going to do with it at work? I might go look for it tomorrow. I think it might "belong" at a house but obviously it is not being fed. So sad!

Then when I was almost to work this guy was walking pushing his bike and his pants had fallen down and all his old butt was hanging out. Like OMG! Not sure if he was a homeless guy or what but you'd think it would be a bit drafty.

I got through the M's in my project today of going through all the files and checking their land owner ship to make sure it's the same and then printing out any payment stuff that needed to go in there. I have a HUGE pile of folders that need to go back into the completed file section. To make those fit I'm going to have to pull the ones that are ready to shred. It's like a big file circle of life.

(oh by the way they said today we should be back in the office January 3rd. WHY)

When I left it was SUPER DARK in the office. Just a tiny bit scary since I was the last one there. I'll be glad when it is lighter later soon! The sun was almost set when I left.

I got the mail on my way home and I had a thing from donating blood saying one of my screening tests came back reactive for something but then they tested it some more and it was fine but I should take the letter to my doctor and get tested again. Sigh. What the fuck. And it looks like I can't donate blood anymore? Next my pap smear will come back bad and my boob squish too. Might as well go have some cocktails at this point. Going to die some day anyways right? haha.

Haven't made anything for dinner. Trevor is sleeping, Scott is going shopping for his mom and I'm not all that hungry. Sounds like a cereal night to me!

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