Sunday, November 7, 2021


Good morning happy Sunday!
It's a no plans Sunday so that is nice. I will probably go into my sewing room and play around in there. I ordered some clear shoe boxes to organize my fabric on my shelves some more. They are supposed to come today so if they come early enough I will probably play around with them. So far it just says "delivered by 10pm" so that might not happen haha.

Here is the little coin bag I made for my niece Ava's birthday. I put some money in it. She opens it up and says "Thanks Uncle Scott". You're welcome haha. 

We took Daniel with us. He thinks my brother is his dad I think. It gets a bit awkward since my brother is already holding a baby most of the time. 

Can you believe these two are only 4 months apart. That is my little niece Stella (and nephew Vincent on the couch)

Singing happy birthday to the birthday girl! She is 10 now. Won't be long until she is taller than me she is up to my mouth already. 

My sister in law got Mexican food. Daniel liked the olives best.

We brought him back to our house for a bit. Snookie let him play with her tags. She likes that fact that he drops snacks for her ;)

After he left I pretty much just went in and laid on my bed forever. Broke my own rule!  Definitely got enough rest!

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