Monday, November 1, 2021


 Hello happy November! Today has been a weird one. I went into work to go print out and mail the letters. I had just started to print them out when another co-worker said someone in their dept tested positive for Covid so she had to leave the office. I was like uh I think that I'm supposed to leave too. Confirmed with my boss so now back to working from home for like 10 days. So much for getting those letters mailed out. Hope the girl doesn't get too sick since she is pregnant AND VACCINATED. Once again I think they are just giving us a line of bullshit that these actually do anything.  Just my opinion of course.  I briefly talked to her when I was in the office last week but from a distance and we were both masked and vaccinated so take that for whatever it is.

So anyhow! Yesterday was kind of a crappy eating day Back up to 200 again GD it! I knew it was going to happen though. Oh well onward!

I went into town to go grocery shopping, drop off the leftover free table stuff to Goodwill, and pick up the Jack O Lantern pizza's for dinner. My friend Cassi went with me for the ride and we stopped at In & Out for some lunch since she had done the party the night before haha. 

The kids came over after 5. Look at my darling Superman!

(stole this one from Jess)

opening his present from Grandma Sandy. He got a cute little plush monster thing he carried around.

Chewing on some celery while we waited for the pizza too cook

I bought 4 of these pizzas and cooked up 3. I added some olives to them since just pepperoni is kind of boring. They cracked me up how they cooked up.

Pizza time!

After pizza we took him next door to see the neighbors. They love little ones in costumes and she used to take pictures of all the kids that came to their door on Halloween. This year she had the light off but we just went over for a minute to say hi. 

Came back to carve some pumpkins!

They looked really fun on the porch. I was thinking I might put them along the front of the yard for a few days until they get gross lol. We always wait to carve until right before Halloween because it is so hot here in October still usually and they get all moldy fast.

Superman had a bottle and a cat nap

He was taking about 5 steps here and there, almost walking! He did walk from the recliner to the couch when only Scott and Trevor were paying attention.

Cute PJ's!

and that holiday is a wrap for this year!

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