Friday, November 5, 2021


Good morning happy FriYeah!

I was going to go into the office today but I am so tired! I don't know if it is from the massage I got yesterday or what. My neck still hurts it is so annoying. Think the next step is a chiropractor. Also this is my last day to be "home alone" until Tuesday so enjoying the quiet. Well except the animals but that's minimal haha.

I got all the bags and keychains I made recently added to my Etsy shop.

I went to my pap smear appointment and that went just fine, got a new high blood pressure med without the water pill in it that was causing the leg cramps. Just need to go pick it up. My blood pressure wasn't too horrible in the office yesterday either so that was nice to have on record. Also-side note-they put I was normal weight on the chart (saw a different doctor lol). 

 After my appointment I went and got that chair massage and the guy basically just worked on my shoulder and left side of my neck the whole time. 

I was so hungry all day yesterday. I had oatmeal for breakfast and then later had an egg scramble thing. Carrots and hummus for a snack. Got this teriyaki bowl from the Japanese place in the mall for lunch

For dinner I made some turkey burgers and veggies. Didn't have any buns so just used some sourdough bread.

I was playing in my fabrics last night and pulled this one out. Decided to cut out each animal to make a zip bag with.

Then I was like oh I have some panels. Cut those apart. Trying to decide what to do with them. I have some EVEN larger panels that go with it too. Apparently I liked this line when they were selling it on my online group.

I think some of them would be cute wine totes.  Decisions decisions. 
Working on laundry while I work today, almost got it all done and a pile of stuff I had taken out of the shed forever ago and didn't finish going through.

We have darts tonight! Hopefully we'll do well again. Scott went to work today so hopefully there won't be a ton of traffic on the way home.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Isn't nice to be home alone. Even with the dog I would enjoy it.
I love that the new doc said you were normal weight. I think I need a new doctor, not lose more weight. LOL

Julie H said...

@Peg right? This is actually a husband and wife practice. I've went to her a few times over the years. I liked their nurse practitioner and would go to her but she retired on us.

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