Saturday, November 13, 2021


Good morning happy Saturday! I woke up about 12 times this morning and then slept pretty good from like 8-9. I'm kind of sore from moving furniture around all over.

First off I forgot to show these cute turkey platters I got at the grocery store. They are plastic but they are cute. Looks like I will probably be hosting Thanksgiving for our not so little family this year. The kids all want to do it at our house instead of going anywhere else.

So I started my day yesterday emptying out this book case that was full of scrapbooks and a few other things. I put it on my neighborhood page for free and it got picked up super fast.

I put out all the stuff that was on the kitchen table from when I cleaned it. All this beach themed stuff. It was gone in like 5 minutes. (my mom brought me those cinder blocks. I need to move them. Just put them there so they wouldn't try to carry them farther.

This was a fun find I forgot we had. It's Scott's baby book. His mom journaled in it for his first year. A treasure for sure since she can't write very legible anymore. Fun for the kids to read too.

I got everything into these 2 book cases (need to get rid of a few things on the book cases but I have to talk myself into that some more lol). I used the small open book case plus one of the kitchen cabinets that didn't have the doors on it that totally matches for all Scott & Trevor's game stuff. I was going to move the rug the other direction and fix up the chairs and stuff more but I ran out of time and motivation. It will have to wait until Monday when Scott isn't sitting in a chair in the middle of it all. I wish he didn't have to have a stupid recliner. I need to take him to the furniture store so he can pick out a new one. These green ones are so old and about impossible to get the animal hair out of.

This went out to the porch and offered up for free but probably no one will want it.

So I had two book cases left (he got the 4 for $100 from the shop next door to his work). So I emptied out the short wood bookcase I had and the white once since these are taller and have more shelves. What a mess!

This is where the wood one was

and where the tall white one was. I think I might do the shoe boxes for these

I had used these boxes to hold fabric that is now on the shelves so got those broke down after I took these.

Jess took the wood bookcase for the baby's room so I just have this one. A neighbor said she'd take it so just have to get her to come pick it up.

After all that I still made stew for dinner but nixed the corn bread idea haha.

Yes I did go to bed at like 7:30 (but didn't fall asleep) since everything hurt lol.

I don't have any plans for today or tomorrow but now I have to take a shower in a minute so I can run down to the office and pick up some papers before they close at 12. I asked if they could email them and they didn't know how lmao.


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