Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Good morning happy almost 4 day weekend! Only 4 1/2 hours to go haha.

Yesterday I made some eggs with ham. I actually thought about making this one morning when I couldn't sleep. So weird how your mind does that lol. I just had the same thing for breakfast today minus the toast since we don't have any bread!

I am going to go to the store either today or tomorrow so I can fill this back up again

Dinner last night, brown rice, chicken and veggies

For lunch yesterday I got called and asked to sub for a bunco group at the last minute. I was like oh it should only be like an hour, I can just take a long lunch. Two and a half hours later we were finally done. Everyone brought snacks so we had lunch there appetizer potluck style.

There was one older woman at bunco who was having so much trouble moving from table to table. I felt bad for her. Someone was like if you can't move maybe you shouldn't play (not to her but to me). I was like man that would suck to not get invited because you've got old knees. Some people have no compassion.

Last night I got all the batting cut and ironed on for these. Now to pin the zippers and linings together for the run through the sewing machine.

When I went to bed I was surprised by Tina being in there. She doesn't usually lay on the bed. Of course she took off while I was getting ready to climb in. Rusty takes up 1/2 my California King sized bed when he sprawls out.

My boss started her detail this week. So far two things that I used to be pretty much in charge of have gotten messed up because she has the planners do them now. Too bad so sad they have to go back and get things signed again.

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