Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Hello happy Tuesday that is almost over. I just got home from work. I dove right in when I got to work so no post this morning.

We'll start with yesterday! I went and got my boobs squished. It pinched a tiny a bit on the first one but I just did some controlled breathing and it was fine. The whole time I was getting it done I was thinking it must really suck for girls with smaller boobs than my small boobs. It seemed like it took a bit of effort to get enough up there. I was telling the tech that it's too bad they don't have a table you can lay on and it would scan them. She said yeah and get a massage while you're there. I said might as well through in some chocolates too haha. So that took all of half an hour tops from the time I got there to the time I left. One of the few places I've been that still has chairs marked not to sit in them for distancing.

Afterwards I went over to Big Lots to look at the rugs there. They didn't have any big ones I liked. They did have this neat fireplace thing though. That might look nice under the TV? If only my husband didn't have all these dumb gaming systems. with cords that go all over.

Saw this mug and thought it was funny. I had to put a regular one next to it for size.

All I bought were some shape sorters/ring stacker things for the baby to play with while he's here and some trail mix so I could gain 2 pounds again.

I picked up Trevor and I some lunch since I'm always going to be fat anyways. Inflation has hit IN & Out, all the meals now cost $2 more (still cheaper than other places though).

Trevor had had the heater on and I found my calico cows laying together on the warm floor. They hardly ever lay next to each other. of course Tina then kicked the cover and scared them and they ran off.

I forgot to mention I watched Squid Games over the weekend. Holy Cow! That was good but yucky at the same time. Kind of like Hunger Games. 

I finished up the masks I had started, these are adults

These are the kids (sold 3 to someone already)

I made soup for dinner with some of the pork. I was thinking I could do like the chicken tortilla soup from Skinnytaste but sub out the pork for the chicken. Then I subbed out some of those beans I had (washed off) for black beans and threw in some rice. Oh my gosh it was so good! I was excited to have some for lunch today. My cornbread was sad since I ran out of corn meal. It was just a little extra flour. 

On the way to work this morning I saw this dog and all its bones. I almost went back but I was like what am I going to do with it at work? I might go look for it tomorrow. I think it might "belong" at a house but obviously it is not being fed. So sad!

Then when I was almost to work this guy was walking pushing his bike and his pants had fallen down and all his old butt was hanging out. Like OMG! Not sure if he was a homeless guy or what but you'd think it would be a bit drafty.

I got through the M's in my project today of going through all the files and checking their land owner ship to make sure it's the same and then printing out any payment stuff that needed to go in there. I have a HUGE pile of folders that need to go back into the completed file section. To make those fit I'm going to have to pull the ones that are ready to shred. It's like a big file circle of life.

(oh by the way they said today we should be back in the office January 3rd. WHY)

When I left it was SUPER DARK in the office. Just a tiny bit scary since I was the last one there. I'll be glad when it is lighter later soon! The sun was almost set when I left.

I got the mail on my way home and I had a thing from donating blood saying one of my screening tests came back reactive for something but then they tested it some more and it was fine but I should take the letter to my doctor and get tested again. Sigh. What the fuck. And it looks like I can't donate blood anymore? Next my pap smear will come back bad and my boob squish too. Might as well go have some cocktails at this point. Going to die some day anyways right? haha.

Haven't made anything for dinner. Trevor is sleeping, Scott is going shopping for his mom and I'm not all that hungry. Sounds like a cereal night to me!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

boy your day was full. But that TV stand - you can drill holes into the top or sides or back that will bring the cords in and be hidden. We did that before many times! But then Scott would have to do that right? 😁

As for small boobs and mammograms. I ask that all the time. I'm big so they can flop them on the big ole glass and squish away but it's still painful but thank God it's quick. But what do they grab with itty bitty ones I asked one time. The woman laughed and said she is asked that questions several times a day. She never answered me though. Funny huh?

Julie H said...

@Peg, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought that haha

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