Thursday, November 18, 2021


Good morning it's Thursday,  DARTS night day! I just remembered I forgot to buy some new tips for the darts. Whoopsie. I broke most of the good ones ;)

This is what I get as soon as I sit down every morning. LOUD BREATHING, kicking things. Sheesh. Old boy is so gray now. Took him out and he's fine for now. Yesterday he went out 50 times it felt like.

I did some miscellaneous cleaning yesterday. Mostly just picking up everyone's trail of mess they leave for the maid. Got the rug in the living room turned sideways, vacuumed it and spot cleaned it. This morning I can tell where Scott walked across it to get to his chair. Why can't men take their shoes off? Why is that a manly thing to wear your dirty shoes in the house? I need to get a darker rug lol.

Here is the little toys I got for the baby at Big Lots. Nothing exciting but thought we could have fun with the shape sorter thing. This packaging is impressive. It is all cardboard and can go into the recycling. If only more toys came that way! 

I moved our "movie cabinet" from the entry way to the living room by the heater. It needs to be polished up with some Old English scratch cover front this picture lol. Jess took a lot of the VHS movies to her house so I ended up with a whole empty drawer. Perfect for the 2 small totes I had of Legos! These drawers are heavy so it will be awhile until the baby can get them open (plus they have doors covering them up too). Should be fun when he gets old enough to play them. One of the few toy things I have saved over the years. I used to buy Legos at garage sales and sometimes resell them too.

Trevor picked up Panda Express for dinner for us so I didn't have to cook. I went over and hung out with Jess and the baby for awhile (and Sheba). Sheba is like a dog. Look at her just hanging out watching a movie.  The baby was in a trance watching Shrek. He had spent a few hours at the park and was tired lol.

He walks all over but will crawl up to something to stand up to do it. I'm going to watch him for a little bit today to cover the gap between mom and dad working. His aunt is going to watch him while we are at darts.

I just paid off another credit card this morning. I am down to 2 cards, my car and a small student loan which I went in yesterday online and it will do a payment next month so that will get going again maybe. Now to focus on the next lowest balance card to get rid of that one :) I'm excited to get them all paid off! 

I'm pretty much caught up for work now except for going through apps updating what they need and sending them an email/letter and the forms. That is super boring so I can only do a bit of those and have to get up and move around.

Well that's all I've got for this morning! Hopefully the day stays nice and mellow although it would be nice if the fog would burn off soon. It is so dark I had to turn a light on.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

It's a known fact, if you wash your car it will rain. If you wash and or vacuum the rug the men and dogs will walk over it immediately after wards. This is my life.

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