Thursday, November 11, 2021


 Good morning! According to the 568 emails I got yesterday at work today is Veteran's Day!

I took 0 pictures yesterday so here's a picture of Snookie looking all sad at me after I finished my breakfast. Rusty is currently having a coronary that he needs to go outside. I'll be right back.

Ok we're back did you miss us? 

I got off work 2 hours early yesterday and then went and laid on my bed to watch The Staircase. I started watching it earlier in the day and was hooked. I finally finished it after 10 last night. Trevor made the little bit of chicken we had left for dinner (no sides..) so that was dinner. I may have went and got a Blizzard after work too so it was all good haha.

Today's plan is to finish washing up the 500 dishes that appeared over night, then go to the grocery store. We have darts tonight too. So a little bit busy day off. 

I put myself down to go into the office on Monday then changed it to Tuesday since I remembered I have my mammogram appointment on Monday. I called back the person that had called me "to get my insurance" and answered all her questions like was I married. I don't know why that is important to get my boob squished. Also if I work full time. Weird.  

Reminds me of the other day when we were talking about women getting their tubes tied and how a lot of times they will say you aren't old enough or have enough kids. Like that is anyone's business but your own (also, side note, best decision I ever made).  Meanwhile any man can just go get a vasectomy.  Still living in a patriarchal world in 2021.

I'm sure I'm going to slip and start writing 2022 since we are on fiscal year 2022 for work I write it on things all day. By the time we are actually in 22 I'm always like we weren't there already? haha

Ok off to read some blogs and maybe make a menu but probably not because I'm not feeling that type A this morning. Have a good one!
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Everyone I am reading today is getting their boobies squished. I go on my birthday week. It's how I remember. See even when I was 40 I couldn't remember shit! if you make a menu, make one for me. I am out of things to eat and meat is so expensive. My God you need a loan for a flank steak. BTW, you always give me good docs and movies to watch. I will check out this one about the author, The staircase. I watched a really really bad show on Netflix over two nights. I couldn't sleep and found this. I kept talking to myself and saying how dumb this was but I had to finish it. (The Verge) It was odd and they left me hanging. I'll try your suggestion next time!

Julie H said...

@Peg, my neighbor had to have her boob removed so that was my driving force. We don't eat a lot of red meat since it is so expensive now, but I did buy some cheap steaks!

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