Sunday, November 14, 2021


Good morning! We are already done with breakfast at 8:30 and the boys are playing video games with some guy getting his arm sawed off. So that's disgusting.

Here is Tubby with all the pipe cleaners I've found under the book cases and on the floor in the sewing room. She's not sad lol. She loves these things and will push them under furniture and then sit there and pull it back out. Such a weirdo. But hey cheap toys.

Jess posted this on Facebook so I guess I can share it now! I'm going to be a Grandma again in June! We don't have any birthdays in June (or July) except for my brothers so that is nice. Yesterday she was like I hope I don't have a stomach bug I've been throwing up all morning. I was like uh yeah that's called the 9 months stomach bug hahaha (PS Dallas is the last name)

This was my pile to work on yesterday after I got my sewing room straightened up a bit.

I got the little coin purses all finished up. The bigger bags have the zippers in so just need to topstitch and go around the edges. Shouldn't take too long to finish those up. My friend already claimed the little ostrich bag.

Dinner last night, pork chops, asparagus (which oddly wasn't overpriced for this time of year and was the nice thin stalks), brown rice and some beans. My friend had given us this huge can of "vegetarian beans". I tried to give it away on my free table but no one took it haha. Finally just opened it up and split them into 3 containers. I put two in the freezer. They are kind of like pork & beans without the pork. I added a little brown sugar to these but it would be good to add some bacon to I think!

Can you see the tiny shiny things? Those are my little cup of pins that I knocked all over the floor. Amazingly I just yelled NOooooo instead of the F word. I surprise myself sometimes haha.

I remembered we had this super strong magnet. Easy peasy!  I stuck it to my pattern cabinet (after I took the pins off) for easy pin clean up haha.

I'm signed up for two events in December now. I signed up for this one and got accepted yesterday. It is about an hour away but I'm excited to try something in another area. This is the first year (besides last year due to Covid) that I am not doing the Black Friday weekend by the movie theater. I decided not to do events there anymore since there is just not enough foot traffic and it's always windy and miserable. I though this event would be inside but apparently it is outside which kind of sucks and hopefully it doesn't rain. It was only $40 though so no biggie if it falls through.

Today's plan is to finish up those zip bags! Then I am going to work on some more masks. I need to make one for a gal at work and then want to make more for the events.  Maybe a few Christmas thrown in.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Okay that magnet idea was slick. I am not smart enough. I saw that and thought how I'd dread picking them all up.
CONGRATULATIONS on being a Grandma again!!

Julie H said...

@Peg, thanks! Yes it made it super fast to pick up the pins!

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