Tuesday, November 9, 2021


Good morning happy rainy Tuesday! It is ugly outside but not really raining much at the moment. I woke up to the wind a couple times last night.

I worked in the office until six last night (got there late). I almost left at four because no one changed the clocks out in the main area and I was at a stopping point. I went back in and did another task for two hours. Now I just need to print and file stuff, all done with letters for a bit! 

I picked up Panda Express on the way home (Trevor's request). I didn't even bother with the scale since I know the salt in that is not nice.

After dinner I cleaned up Tina's mess

Then worked on finishing up the linings for my bags and matched up some zippers. Next step is cutting out some batting for them.

That is all the excitement here for the moment. Everyone is at work so I just have the animals here to be loud and obnoxious ;)
We have Thursday off for Veteran's Day so I took Friday off and now we get off two hours early on Wednesday so hey it's almost the weekend!


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