Friday, April 21, 2017

Fun Times

I'm so ready for summer! Sometimes we get a sneak preview! Fire pit times at my friend Traci's house.

When you have more people than chairs? Awesome!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gene's Service

Here's a few pictures from Scott's Dad's funeral day

Pretty flowers from my sister in law's work

and from her son who lives out of state

Scott with 3 of his sisters, Carolyn, Linda, and Suzie

My great nephews on the left, my kids on the right

Scott's mom and our niece Laureen

3 generations for them

Jessica went and got a tattoo, 76 was her grandpa's race car number and the red and white checks are for that too, he used to call her his nurse so that's what the stethoscope is for, and he had a heart pillow when he had heart surgery that he let her have when she was little and she put it in the casket with him so that is what the heart is for.

They let them put his casket on his truck for the ride to the cemetery

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

March Random Pics

Random pictures from March

Melissa had to bring home one of those electronic babies for the weekend. She was so exhausted and super happy when it was time to turn it back in haha.

Braiding Jessica's hair :)

Certain times of the year the sun comes through the windows at work and blinds me for about 10 minutes

Love this Buddha at the chicken bowl place by my work

Random work meeting doodles. Always end up looking like vaginas now that my friend pointed that out haha

Old stove at the thrift store. It was down to $100 last time I saw it, love all that oven space

Giant Husky dogs at the thrift store

Love finding fabric there

Who pays for empty egg cartons at Target? Quite a few people after I posted this on Facebook.

Went to the flea market on my lunch, came back with $5 worth of fabric

Last day of winter fire night. Funny enough the weather got crappy for the next week

Bad day blues

My stress cold. No one else got sick. Weird how our bodies do that. 

Kids looking through scrapbooks for pictures with their Grandpa

yum yum

Adorable use of vintage sheets

Jess was working at the dollar store and they had buttons. She brought me all the containers they had (7). I need to get another box to put them all away still. 

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Animal Love

March Round Up of my furry friends

So funny when he sleeps with his leg up in the air

Mom's dog Tinkerbell

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Monday, April 17, 2017

March Handcrafter's Boutique Booth

This is my booth back in March at the craft show I did. My step mom went in on it with me. I made over $100 after my booth fee so not too shabby.

I keep trying to sell my vintage sheet bunting but I kind of like it on my booth

This is my step mom's side she makes these rag swags with vintage cards in the middle and the signs are from old wood with vinyl

my little helper blinked ;)

I'm going to work on my display a bit, people would look at the mug cozies and say "so cute" then "what are they" even though I had them on mugs haha. We were thinking maybe some of those wood crates would be nice for height and to frame them a bit.

I love how some of my friends are so supportive and came out to the craft show and bought things from me. :)Pin It
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