Monday, April 17, 2017

March Handcrafter's Boutique Booth

This is my booth back in March at the craft show I did. My step mom went in on it with me. I made over $100 after my booth fee so not too shabby.

I keep trying to sell my vintage sheet bunting but I kind of like it on my booth

This is my step mom's side she makes these rag swags with vintage cards in the middle and the signs are from old wood with vinyl

my little helper blinked ;)

I'm going to work on my display a bit, people would look at the mug cozies and say "so cute" then "what are they" even though I had them on mugs haha. We were thinking maybe some of those wood crates would be nice for height and to frame them a bit.

I love how some of my friends are so supportive and came out to the craft show and bought things from me. :)Pin It

1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

wow if this is all yours with the exception of the "rags" then you sure have been busy!!

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