Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Wrap Up!

Such a day! So today at work we had a potluck. I took a pan of brownies. I have no idea if anyone even ate them but there was A LOT of stuff there. And some delicious desserts too!

While at the potluck one of my co-workers gave me an envelope. Full of money. They took up a collection for me and the one other girl that did not get back pay. The other girl was like "I'm going to go cry in my car now". I'm pretty cried out so I was like holy crap! Super nice of everyone.

So I ate a bunch of food. And had some pie.  (picture turned itself sideways but I'm too tired to fix it)

Some kind of pumpkin mousse thing and apple

I left work early to go to Trevor's Halloween Parade. This is my LAST ONE. Crazy!! I've been going to Halloween parades at this school for like 14? years! They sure have gone down hill the last few years though. They used to play music, have all the grades K-8 and there would be so many parents there we'd stuff the gym. Now it's K-5 and the older kids "if they want". No music? and it was kind of rushed. Not as many parents this year either. I'm sad. The kids used to have so much fun. They also used to have class parties which are gone too.

My mom usually goes to the parades but she was watching my niece who had a bit of a bug so we opted to have her not come :( Sucks but we don't need to be sick.

OH and Scott went with me to the parade. It was a lot for him but he made it through. First outing other than the doctors!

A couple hours later we went for ice cream since the kids were missing not going with Grandma like we usually do.

Don't look too happy now.

2 outings in one day!

I worked on some cards I'm making in between the school and the ice cream and then again before going out trick or treating. 

Melissa's pumpkin

Trevor's pumpkin

Melissa went off with her friends and we took Trevor around in the car with the hatchback open. Usually I do a lot of walking with him and Scott drives but today Scott was the passenger. Jess got here right after we started so we picked her up and she sat in the back with Trevor. (we have big spaces in between houses here)

We took Rusty too and he was so good! He just sat there and watched everything going on and didn't bark or anything. 

The kid got just a big of candy (that's a Tupperware cake taker full)

Jess is here for the weekend. Trevor does not have school tomorrow because it's the end of the quarter or something. Lucky! Melissa has school though and I have work so we still get to get up early.

Saturday we have Ava's 2nd birthday party and I need to run 8 miles one day this weekend but that's our only plans.

Did you have a nice Halloween? Did you dress up? I didn't dress up at all this year. I didn't even get the Halloween boxes out!Pin It

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WHY I'm So Tired.

What did you do today? Oh just EVERYTHING.

It feels like anyways. This day has been 3 days long. Got up (6am), took my shower, got myself ready, made the kids and myself breakfast, made lunches, bus for the kids, drive to work. Well almost drove to work. I was almost there I saw this cat carrier on the side of the road in an orchard. I went down the street and knew I wasn't going to be able to live with myself not knowing if there was something actually in there.

Thankfully it was empty but also sad because there was a blanket in there so I know someone dumped an animal or animals. At least they weren't locked up where they couldn't get to food, water or warmth. I hope they are ok whatever they are.

Right after I got to work it was time for the sun to shine in the glass windows and doors. I'm sitting at my cube. It gets so intense! I'm glad it only lasts for a minute or two and then the sun moves and it's fine.

And someone brought donuts. And the someone else brought more donuts. Sadly I gave in, one for each box. DAMMIT. They sure were good though!

Lunch at Subway. 
Took a walk around the thrift shop after work. Saw some nice vintage sheets but I told myself I'm not allowed to buy anymore until I do something with the ones I already have.
Grocery shopping after that. 
Then went over to my mom's place to supervise the guys cutting the trees (not really but it was fun to watch). They have a lot left to do but are making good progress. 

Scott made dinner, pasta! And garlic bread yum yum. (bowl one of two, apparently this is a big eating day)

Holy crap lots of dishes. 
Cleaned off the table so the kids could carve pumpkins and washed the dishes while they worked on them. I didn't have to help at all!

I went for a run while they were still working on them. CRAPPY RUN. My knees are pretty sore from my long run on Sunday still. I pretty much walk/ran the whole 4 miles. I think it might be time to get some new shoes. Probably doing some stretching would help too. 

I spent like 1/2 an hour picking the guts out of the pumpkin seeds. I love home made roasted pumpkin seeds they are so good. I added some salt to the water and am letting them sit over night before I roast them. 

Then I remembered that I still had to make the brownies for the pot luck at work tomorrow. UGH. So it's 10:50 and I'm having a cocktail while they cook. I don't know WHY I'm so tired all the time. 
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big Trees Make Big Messes

I've felt so tired today. Blah. Blah . Blah.

That's about how I've felt all day today. Most of the people in my office went to some kind of training all day which meant that I got to answer the phone and get the counter all day. Fun stuff. At least I wasn't bored right? I actually like talking to people more than just sitting in my cube all day so it wasn't really all that bad. It's nice when people are happy and excited about projects. I guess that goes with this time of year when everyone is putting in their applications. Soon that will change into people getting frustrated that we want so much paper work that they don't want to turn in and mad because they aren't getting funded. Ah the joys of working for the public :wink:

I finally got a paycheck today YEAHHHH and so I went over to the bank to deposit it instead of the mobile banking. I've learned that that if you go to the bank it gives you a few hundred as an available balance but if you do it on your phone it makes you wait until the next day to touch any of it. Not that I'm that desperate at the moment but I like to pay bills and I need to go grocery shopping (again).

After depositing my check I went over to the little Mexican food place and had an enchilada lunch. This place is so not the place to go if you are picky but it's good enough if you are hungry and it's cheap. Today I asked if I could have some fresher chips and the gal told me they were always fresh, that they make them every day. It was pretty obvious to me that they were yesterday's fresh batch but eh that's what they had.

When I got home from work I went over to my mom's little place she has out here (the cabin we call it). She needs to clean up the backyard for an insurance inspection. The back yard is buried with the neighbor's tree crap. The gal that used to live behind her had planted a bunch of pepper trees. When she planted them they were little. Now she's moved and their is a new couple that lives there and the tress are HUGE.

My mom already spent a whole day cleaning up the yard and cutting back on the trees.

Here is the little playhouse they were making for Melissa (more of hang out house). It's not finished yet but it's cute inside.

The trees were all the way out to where Trevor is standing when my mom started cleaning it up

So my parents are paying someone like $500 to come cut back this neighbor's trees. The neighbor guy came over while I was there and I guess he was going to pay $150 to have the one on the left there taken out. Then he came back and said his wife said they couldn't afford it. So basically my parents are paying to clean up this guy's tree mess. I told them they should tell the trimming guys to just leave all the branches in his yard.

Not really but COME ON it's your trees, take some responsibility. If you can't afford to pay to get them trimmed how about you come over and help clean up the mess they make?

They've already had to repair their fence and haul tree crap away a couple times in the past. 

So don't plant a bunch of HUGE trees along a fence line. Even if they are little when they start off. 

When I was driving home I actually stopped the car and backed up to get this picture.

You can't really see it but there are geese on the lake too. So pretty!

Poor Scott's foot is all swollen today. It's like the swelling worked it's way down his leg all the way down to his foot.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Review Round Up

What's more fun than a cat in heat?

A cat in heat getting screwed by my neutered male cat and then the dog going psycho about it and everyone freaking out. (I thought they couldn't figure that out once they were fixed? I was wrong)

Yes yes, I must take Lucy in to get spayed ASAP.

It's all a bundle of fun over here. I'm pretty sure I have PMS because everyone can't stop breathing SO.F'ING.LOUD.

Just kidding. Kind of.

I'm so over hearing everyone complain and being depressed and life sucks and I'm bored and blah blah blah. Have a drink! I'm pretty sure that's why they invented alcohol. It makes everything better for at least 10 minutes.

I'm thinking today was probably not a good day to take a rest day. I guess I could still go to the gym but I'm thinking I'll just go read a book instead.

Speaking of books I finished a really good audio book today. I am going to do another "what I read" round up and I can't believe the last one I did was in August? Where has the time gone?

So the audio book I finished today is called Body Surfing by Anitia Shreve.

The story starts with Sydney. She is staying at the beach house of her employer, the Edward's. She is there to tutor their daughter Julie, who "is a bit slow". Julie has two older brothers, Ben and Jeff.

This book was a nice relaxing book to listen to. Nice even pace for the most part. 
A single mother who can only move her head and her 13 year old daughter and the few people that come in and out of their lives in a short time. They have a care taker named Peacie who has taken care of Diana since she was born. I laughed many times at their relationship together. Peacie is African-American and her boyfriend becomes apart of the movement for the equal rights. So that is also part of the story.
Yep, that's all I wrote.  Boo

The tension in the house is pretty strong. Mrs. Edwards doesn't really like Sydney. Mr. Edwards on the other hand is a very nice man. Sydney because kind of part of the family, but then not totally of course, during their time they stay in the beach house. 

So there is a dance going on. Sydney trying not to piss off Mrs. Edwards. Mrs. Edwards not liking what Sydney is doing with Julie. Julie disappearing and growing up overnight. Jeff and his girlfriend and Jeff and Sydney and Sydney and Ben and Ben and Jeff.

Lots of story and it floats along to the music and you float about with it. 

The story also takes place in the same house as some of the other books by Anita Shreve and she works in their stories. I wouldn't have known had I not just listened to another one of her books "Sea Glass". 

Overall I really enjoyed this story. 

We Are All Welcome Here by Elizabeth Berg. I also listened to this in audio book form. 

The story idea is based on a true story about a woman who gave birth in an iron lung and was paralyzed from the waist down from polio. In the beginning the author explains that that is the only "real" part of the book and the rest is her imagination.

The whole story is pretty amazing to me. 

The main character Diana is at the age of learning and discovering. She's grown up with people giving them items to survive, but also with the understanding that their family is different and that people don't always accept that.

I found it to be a very interesting book and a good story. Any book that makes me go Google things to learn more after I'm done reading is also a plus in my book.

This is a story about a girl that was on a Jury. She ended up being a swaying vote that got other people to see her side and set the defendant free.

But the guy that goes free is a real whack job and he wants to thank her in ways that she'd rather not be thanked.

I thought the whole idea of a Juror getting stalked by a man that she helped go free was so easy to happen.

Pretty frightening actually!

Enter in the detectives who are watching the Juror AND the whack job guy and of course, you have some sparks somewhere to make a bit of a love story in the middle of the whole mess. They dipped a lot into the detective's past and it almost seemed to me like maybe he was a returning character for a previous book that I didn't know about. Eventually everything got explained but it was a bit confusing for me for a bit.

Overall another good Sandra Brown book! Stick with the mysteries and you won't be disappointed!

I'm not going to lie, I picked this one up at the thrift store mostly just to add to my book swapping site. BUT I ran out of things to listen to so I went ahead and listened to it.

Totally not what I was expecting and I really enjoyed it.

This is a story of how Mitch came to know and develop a relationship with two men of faith.

First you have The Reb who Mitch grew up listening to in church. The Reb has asked Mitch to write his eulogy. Mitch was a bit taken aback so he ended up just spending some time with  him, which turned into more of a just an ongoing friendship over the years. We travel with them from that first awkward meeting to the time where he delivers what  he's promised.

Next you have Henry. Henry is a very large man. And a Pastor at a church for mostly the Homeless. Mitch meets him when he's trying to find a charity to help. We learn that Henry wasn't always a man of the cloth. He was a criminal, a drug dealer and user and spent time in jail.

All the stories are just so interesting and I just kept listening because I really wanted to find out what was going to happen to everyone. I MAY have gained "A little faith" along the way too.

Hello Darkness by Sandra Brown (I ACTUALLY read this one!)

This was our book club book for October. I was kind of sad that more people at wine club I mean book club didn't actually finish it so that we could discuss it!

We've got a few things going on in this book.

There is Paris, who is a late night talk show host.
The Detective, who has a teenage son who has just come to live with him.
The Sex Club, which is an online forum that meets regularly to get it on with their forum members. Most of who are under age.
The kidnapper who we don't know WHO he is (really I wasn't sure up until the end!)
The kidnapped girl, who is a member of the sex club and was a willing participant with the kidnapper until he got too dirty.
And a bunch of other characters.

This is really one of those books where you just keep reading because you have to figure out WHO DID IT.

Very good, go read it, come back and discuss ;)

W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton (read this one too, go me!)

I'm a big Sue Grafton fan and I've been waiting for this book to come out since I finished her last one.

All Sue's letter books are about Kinsey Millhone. Kinsey is a smart alec-y (is that a word?) single woman who lives in a rented garage turned apartment. She lives next to the landlord who is an older man that stands in as her personal shrink and advice giver. Oh he cooks for her too. The description of his bread make me drool.

So this book is about this guy that is dead. For some reason he has Kinsey's phone number in his pocket. She ends up going to "identify" him, which she can't really do. But she starts being the detective that she is and works out the puzzle.

She finds out that he is a homeless man who may have participated in a research experiment with some shady doctors. Oh and he may be kind of related.

This was a really good book and I can't wait until the next one comes out. Each of her stories are all different but with a few of the same characters that get built upon.

This story is about Laura and her family. She has a sister and a brother along with her own husband and children.

Her family goes back home to see her parents and siblings and when she does her black sheep sister brings up some stuff from her past that are just so incredible no one can believe it. She must be making it up!

But upon further inspection Laura learns that her sister is not making things up, and these things area really true. She also learns the circumstances that lead to the events that have shaped her sister's life and relationship with their mother.

This book was not a "feel good" book but a book about relationships, family and deep dark secrets. Honestly I found it a bit depressing.

Here is the review I put on Goodreads because I can't remember much more about it haha.

I didn't really realize that this was two books in one. I really like the writing style of the authors. 

The first story though, I was a bit surprised when it was over. That's it? I thought? It seemed like it was over too quick after all the build up of the case. Interesting story though!

The second story I really enjoyed. The story of Two Moons was fantastic! I just loved it.

What I remember from listening to this book? A LOT of eye rolling.  Stupid, don't waste your time.

This is your basic chick flick book. Boy and girl grow up together, something happens to make them break apart, something happens to bring them back together, we all live happily ever after. Nothing too exciting but a nice simple story.

I'm totally fascinated with Junie Moon. She's lived so many different kinds of lives all in one! To think I've lived in the same 45 mile radius my entire life and she's been all over the world and back. Thanks to her books I got to experience a bit of her travels with her.

Junie Moon Rising picks up right when her last book leaves off which I was thrilled with. Bathing topless on a big Japanese boat to running a trucking company in Alaska, we travel along with June through her life experiences. 

I thought this was a great read. I was a little sad when it was over! 

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

13.1 The Neighborhood

Before I went to bed last night I got all my running stuff together and set up in the bathroom (my clothes) and the kitchen (gear). My alarm went off at 5:00 am and I only hit the snooze button once. GO ME!

This Runkeeper training program had me running 13 miles today. My knee was hurting most of the week from my 12 mile run last weekend so I was debating on actually doing the 13 mile run or not. Today when I started it wasn't really bothering me so I went for the whole thing. Plus .1, because why only run 13 when you can run 13.1. 

Originally I was going to go to town to run, but I'm just too lazy to drive 15-20 minutes and really, I know my surroundings here so much that I don't stress about people or dogs or cars or anything really.  

If I run the perimeter of the club it's 4 miles so I was kind of thinking going in that I would just run the perimeter 4 times. Instead I ran around one lake 4 times and another one 2 times and then down the main drag and a few other streets. 

I told myself I'd just take it all easy and I gave myself permission to walk a little after every 2 miles. That was a pretty good strategy I think. I did one GU at 5 miles (I was feeling good at the 4 so didn't walk there) and another at around mile 9. I had the vanilla bean one, OMG so good and the chocolate outrage which was ok too.  Before I had tried an espresso one and that one was disgusting. 

I think having the two GU's really helped. Usually when I run longer distances I get so so tired towards the end. Today I was tired but not "I can't go on much farther" tired. 

When I first went out it was DARK. Like really dark felt like it was night dark. Eventually the sun came up and I started to see a few people out and about. 

I MAY have also went over the levee to pee at around mile 11...

(note to self, put a napkin or 2 in my pack)

I think if you click on the picture here it might get bigger. There is a crane on that tree in the water. So pretty I had to pause and take a picture. 

Here's my splits, you can tell I didn't walk for the last 2 miles by looking at them.

OR maybe I just got faster because the sun was up and people could see me? Hmmmm maybe haha

I got a little bit misty at about mile 11 (after the potty break) thinking about how when I first started running I couldn't even run down one street and now I can do laps around this whole freaking place.

I have come A LONG way.

It just goes to show that if you don't doubt yourself you can do what you set your mind out to do. Making goals is my #1 way to get motivated. 

Well today I have book club. I'm excited to go hang out with my book club ladies. I missed last month so it feels like forever since I got to hang out with them all. 

We are going to discuss the book Hello Darkness by Sandra Brown. I think I had typed in a big ol review on Goodreads and then it did a blip and didn't save it. It was a really good book!

I maybe can't wait for the wine and snacks either....
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hanging Out With The Fish

In my never ending unemployed non federal worker drama I received my little unemployment checklist back in the mail yesterday. Apparently they don't like it when you mark 2 boxes and then circle the correct one. So yeah, I have to re-do that. Which seems counter-productive since the I had my "phone interview" and the lady said she had the payment set up and I'd receive it when hell freezes over. Oh wait I think that was 10-15 days.

So my employer was doing a booth at the Salmon Festival today. We went there year before last (I think) and the year before that. (or maybe it was 2010? Look how little my kids were) We didn't go last year because well, we had seen it all and it's an hour away. This year they were really needing some volunteers but I'm like eh why would I volunteer for you if you can't even run your printing press for me. BUT on Friday I guess they got desperate enough and offered to pay me and the other employee to come help. Money talks, yes, yes it does.

I didn't bring any kids with me because I figured I'd be there all day and I was. I spent all day setting up little fish to paint, filling up paint pallets, etc. For some reason I was exhausted by the time I got home. Not like it was hard or anything lol.

Oh darn it's so ugly here

 I spent a lot of time looking at cute dogs.

The fish on the "drying" table

This was one of the busy times, all the "stations" full

I stupidly wore jeans. I started off with a sweater but at least I was smart enough to wear short sleeves under it. I'm pretty sure I got a little bit sun burnt although I think I haven't actually looked at myself in the mirror to see. That's November in Northern California.

The only times I left the booth were to go find something to eat and later to go find a potty so I didn't check out any of the other booths. The one next to us though had fish races. COOL! They had some little fish and a drag race type "race track". The kids all seemed to get a kick out of that. Oh and on the other side was some kind of Gold Panning group. Yep.

When I got there in the morning there were a lot of cyclist and I sent Scott a message saying "when you're better, we have to come ride here". Soon I hope!

I know he was feeling a lot better today. He tinkered with fixing the flats on one of the kid's bikes and cooked ribs (with a rub) in the oven. Nice! I likey! He does seem to be dizzy a lot when he gets up though. Hopefully they will get the dosage figured out on his blood thinners soon, I think that is most of the problem.

PS, if you like puppies go see my friend Chris! Her Cocoa just had puppies SQUEAL so cute! 

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Stay At Home Mom Thing

I like to read blogs when I have some spare time. I have a few favorites that I read religiously and then some others (a lot) that I read from Feedly. Sometimes I find myself thinking about things long after I've read about them.

Here's a few I've read recently that fit that category:

Does a stay at home mom need permission to have HALF AN HOUR to herself to go out to run? 
This just pisses me off. WHY do men think that we need their permission to do something? It's a freaking half an hour. Deal with it man! I guess I was just raised differently than a lot of people. Scott knows if he told me I couldn't do something I'd just tell him to go f himself and go do it anyways. If I have the will I'll find a way.

I really like this blog called Clover Lane. She has six children. She's pretty thrifty and is a stay at home mom. You can just feel the love she has for her children in all her posts. BUT this post about being a stay at home mom, while nice if you can do it, just kind of bugs me. Now I know what we write on our own blogs is our own feelings and I totally get that. But I just don't like the whole idea that there is only one way for things to be done and kind of making moms that can't stay home feel like they aren't being good moms.

Being a mom is hard enough without people telling you that you are doing it all wrong. What if you are a single mom? Obviously you can't stay home with your kids. My mom was a single mom until I was five. I don't feel unloved. I never felt like something was missing. I think she did a great job! She wasn't just working so we could have more stuff, she worked to put a roof over our heads. I did have one scary babysitter. I told my mom later that she spanked me a couple times (once with a wooden spoon) and she said she had no idea and she would have kicked her ass if she had known. She would have too.

When I had Jessica I was going to stay home with her. My mom always wanted me to be a stay at home mom. I stayed home for about 9 months and then went back to work a couple nights a week at a Fabric Store. We had moved to where we live now. Twelve miles from town and I didn't know anyone. I tried to make friends with anyone I came across that was close to my age but nothing ever worked out. I needed some time to be a person outside of just being a mom. I didn't go back to work for money. I went for sanity.

I worked that job and then eventually got a job at an old fashioned office supply store downtown. I would alternate between working part time and full time sometimes. Usually I only lasted full time for a couple weeks and then I'd ask to go back to part time. I worked there until I was pregnant with Melissa and then I quit. By this time Jessica was almost five years old. She alternated time with my mom, Scott's mom and one day a week she went to my Grandma's house. Looking back I think that was probably hard for her because she was in so many places and didn't get a set schedule. BUT she also got to spend a lot of time with her grandparents. My Grandma passed away only about a year later so she got some really valuable time with one of my favorite people.

When Melissa was born I stayed home. Jessica was in school and I had made some friends. OH FRIENDS what a difference friends make. I had a good group of friends and we would get together almost every Friday night (we'd trade off houses) and scrapbook. We'd all bring our kids and a snack and all the kids would play and all of us girls would hang out together. It was truly awesome. The kids had a great time and we had girlfriend time.

I was a stay at home mom for seven years. Trevor was a couple years old when my friend told me about this job where she worked. I've been there for 7 years now (except that time I got laid off for about a year). At first my sister in law watched Trevor but that wasn't working out all that great so I put him in a preschool right down the street from where I worked. They served breakfast, had some play time, some school time, lunch and a nap. He went there for about a year and then when I was getting laid off I gave notice. Then I DIDN'T get laid off and my mom jumped at the chance of watching him. So she watched him and my nephew until they were old enough to go to school.

I'm not going to lie, I LIKE going to work. At work I'm not so and so's mom. I'm ME. I feel like I'm needed and appreciated and that I'm smart. I also like that I make some money myself. I don't have to feel guilty or bad if I want to buy myself something. I like contributing to our household income. And times like now when Scott can't work I can work and help support us.

Yes sometimes it's hard to juggle everything. Sometimes I'm tired. I complain about work and some of the stupid people I work with. But I also enjoy my desk with stuff that's mine, arranged how I put it there. My spreadsheets and my color coordinated highlighting and how when I put stickers on the files they all line up just like I want them to. It's not rocket science but I enjoy it.

I've pretty much only worked the hours the kids are in school (with the exception of when Trevor was in preschool) for years now. I drop them off at the bus and I pick them up at the bus. While sometimes it would be nice to stay home and organize things and clean the grout with a toothbrush on a regular basis I'm ok with a messy house. It doesn't bother me. Just give me a call 15 minute before you come over so I can straighten up a bit k?

I'm pretty sure my kids still feel loved.

Well I guess I had a lot to say about that one. I guess I'll stop there for now!

PS Scott just shaved his beard off. PARTY TIME WOOHOO

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Random Running Thoughts

I had a 4 mile run to do today. I skipped Monday's run since I ran 12 miles on Sunday (usually do long runs on Saturday but I had that 5k). My legs were still a bit sore so I debated on going out to run at all. But after about an hour of homework with Trevor I decided that I could use a run.

So I went out and did an out and back run with some walking. I just couldn't really get my mind to escape until the last little stretch. If you run you will know what a I mean.

Things I thought about while I was running?

Where I'm going to run my 13? mile training run this weekend. Somewhere in town I know that.
Why does my son not know his times tables?
If Scott doesn't shave his beard soon I might have to take some drastic measures.
It's really dark.
Where's the moon?
I need to do some thank you cards (designed in my head)
I should blog about my smoking neighbors that are always outside when I run
I should ask those people why they have so many cats
Oh look someone moved into that house
I wonder if I could organize a 5k out here
Coyotes, they're busy they won't care about me
Oh the rifle range is open tonight, must be Wednesday. Hope there's no stray bullets.
That steak I made for dinner was icky. I think I'll give up steak.

See? All over the place. I'm sure there was more but that's the ones I remember haha.

PS Scott is doing better, he's been yelling at the tv. That's a sign if I ever saw (heard) one.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things are looking up for the moment, subject to change as the wind blows

I feel like my days lately are just a huge roller coaster of emotions. Up down up down. I had a 3 day stretch of no crying. That was awesome. Broke that yesterday though.

I finally found out that I would not getting back pay. I had to email around to find out since no one that knew the answer actually came over to me and explained what was going on. I think the lack of communication to the employees was pretty awesome. One of the board members told me that he didn't own a printing press so sorry, we can't pay you. Nice!

So I had that at work and then when I got home I took Scott to get his blood draw done and went up to make him an appointment with the doctor. They had an opening so we got him in. AND the office gal accidentally charged my card $85 for the visit, which she refunded right away but you know how banks work. Take it out quick put it back slow.

The doctor looked at Scott's knee, which seems to be the problem now (weird) and said he wanted to send him for an MRI. UM HELLO? No insurance not much working. We settled for trying to ice it for awhile. Scott was in a lot of pain and almost FELL on the way from the office to the car. I decided after that that maybe we could borrow his dad's walker that he doesn't use (it's from when he broke his hip). Scott didn't argue so we went by and picked up that. Then I needed to get some groceries and he said he could wait in the car so I ran in. By the time I got back out he was in tons of pain. By the time we got home he was in EXCRUCIATING pain. Eventually he got settled down, but I swear I felt like a total stress case. Poor guy!

Today has been a much better day. I got home from work and my book club friend came over and brought me a check from my neighborhood church (which sadly I don't even go to, might have to change that) and some cash from someone else. Speechless.

Scott was also in a much better mood and was feeling a lot better, which of course makes the day so much better.

I had my phone interview for unemployment. I missed 11 days so I think I'll get paid for 5 or so. Not entirely sure but every little bit helps.  Scott got his first payment for disability also so I think I'll be able to pay all the bills and buy groceries YEAH!! One less thing to worry about.

So Scott has an EBT card for disability and I will have an EBT card for the unemployment.

Should I have my iPhone out while I use it? 

I swear I saw one of these things this morning in my Facebook newsfeed. They are so demeaning. Yes I guess I could deactivate my phone and use a POS one but I'm pretty sure that will cost me more than just making my payment. 

Judge away people. 

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Long Run Sunday

Last night I went over to my friend's house for her Halloween Party. I went as a tired mom. Later that got changed to a wine drinking mom :wink: I had a nice time hanging out and joking around with people that I feel totally comfortable with. Ahhh so nice. Here's a super awesome photo from my phone. We were sitting outside and my phone doesn't like night pictures (the flash just makes it horrible)

There as a bunch of other pictures taken but I haven't seen any of me surface yet. I got home around 12:30.


Because I had to do a long run today. TWELVE MILES. I finally dragged myself out of bed at around 6:30 and out the door after 7. I didn't have any fuel since I keep forgetting to buy some. Well other than 2 left over shot blocks. I ate those at mile 6. 

Also I just ran around our neighborhood which gets real old real quick. I really thought about quitting at mile 8. Then I told myself I would quit at mile 10. But then I had turned a ways a way from home so I had it mapped out in my head how I could finish up with 12 and be real close to home.

There was quite a bit of walking and I was totally out of water before I was out of miles to run. 

BUT I made it. Even though I walked some I still stuck it out and got those 12 miles in. 

I think I ran down a couple streets like 3 times.  But I DID get a nice picture of one of the lakes.

Next weekend this training plan has a 13 mile long run. I'm like WTH? that should be your race. But then again maybe it's to get you to know that you can do it. I think I'll go to town and run there for that one. I can only take so much of the same scenery going around and around.

Also I'm going to go buy some more GU's to try. I don't know if I can get a 3rd water bottle for my pack thing I have or not but if I can't I might go stick a water bottle somewhere.

After that the mileage starts going down. FOUR WEEKS until my half!!Pin It

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tiger Dash and Cub Run

This morning I went to the Tiger Dash and Cub Run in Stockton. This was my very first time driving to a race by myself. Not too long after I got there though my friends Eric and Lisa were there and then my brother Joe, my sister in law Maegen and her dad Charlie and of course my niece Adrian showed up too. Adrian was signed up for the cub run! It started at 8 and she was so cute running. She was a tad disappointed that they did not have any medals for the kids when it was over but I think the donut holes helped her get over it ;)

My brother Joe and her Grandpa Charly running with her 

All done!

Eric was just far enough ahead of me that I could see him almost the whole time. Something about having him running up there ahead of me keeps me focused. Good thing he wears super bright shirts!

This was Lisa's first 5k! She did really good!

Megs and her dad ran together

I love that they all came out and ran! It's a cool feeling (and kind of crazy!) to know that all these people run now because I started running. 

I got a new PR today! My Runkeeper didn't start when I first pushed it so my stats are a little bit off but their clock said under 29 minutes when I came in.

It was a pretty small race so they did not have chip timing. They only did awards for the top 3 men and top 3 women overall. I'm not sure if they will post the times anywhere online. BUT I know that it was a little bit faster than my last 5k so I'm totally stoked! I never ever thought I'd be running this fast.

Check out the map. We basically just looped all around the college campus (University of the Pacific aka UOP). I wish it would have been more of out on the roads because there was a lot of going up and down curbs and that makes me nervous that I'm going to hurt myself. It is a pretty campus though!

After the run I went over to my mom's and let them laugh at my pants and then my mom took me out to lunch. I probably should have brought some other pants to change into but I forgot haha. I gave everyone something fun to look at I guess :)

My next run I'm signed up for is my half! I MIGHT sneak another one in there though if I get up the guts and have the money. MAYBE. 

Did you run today? How did you do?

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