Monday, October 7, 2013

Furlough Day 5

It's day 5 if you don't count the weekends so I guess that's how I will count it.

Apparently I wasn't stressed out enough about my loss of paycheck so now my husband is home sick with a horrible pain in his leg. We are hoping he does not have a blood clot or something that requires being in the hospital because we have crappy insurance. Did I mention he's out of sick days for the year? So we are patiently waiting for his 11 am appointment because apparently that's not important enough to bump someone with a sore throat or something to squeeze him in.

Let's all just take a deep cleansing breath.

I almost threw up in the shower from being a bit stressed out but yeah, nothing. I think I've moved on from the panic stage to the denial stage. Working towards that "it will all work out" stage.

Also, we are out of printer paper and how is my son going to do his homework if I don't pick some up today? Going to have to pick that up somewhere when we go to town. Mom brain, it never turns off.
So we went to town and to the doctor (which how weird is it that he gets to see the "real" doctor but I always end up with the nurse practitioner?) and he sent us over to get an ultra sound.  Right over as "urgent" 3 hours until our appointment over there. We debated what to do, stay in town or go home? I opted for going to lunch where Scott watched the A's game on his phone and I played Words With Friends. I think we looked like the typical non conversant family sitting at the table together. No words were needed we were both pretty worried.

After lunch we still had a ton of time so I ran in and got some printer paper and then decided to just go home since we still had almost two hours to kill. Then we went back to town and got the ultra sound done. I went in the room with him but yeah, not as exciting as seeing a baby. Round stuff and she took a bunch of pictures and measured something so I figured the news was not going to be good. When she was done she had us wait in the room. Then she came back and said we could wait in the lobby. Then she came back and said to go back to the doctor's office so we went over there and waited in that lobby.

Eventually we went in and the doctor said that he does have  blood clot (the bad kind) and we can do two things, go to the hospital for a couple days or try this newer medication that is out and he can be on "bed rest". Um sign us up for cheaper door number two thanks so much. And the fun part, no work for at least two weeks. Fuck me. Couldn't help myself but started crying because hello, now we have no income. Thanks government assholes! The doctor was like it's ok we can fill out the disability paperwork and he went and got it. Yeah so maybe some day we'll get that and the unemployment money I signed for but haven't heard anything about and or maybe some day I'll get to go back to work.

So Scott's on "bed rest" and goes back to the doctor on Friday morning to see if the meds are working. My Mom and I are supposed to go on a little trip this weekend so if he's doing ok we will still go but if not then we will reschedule it. We'll see how things are closer to Friday.

I'd just drown my sorrows in some whiskey right now but I need to go get my run in. Oh and go make Trevor some juice with the juicer so he'll leave me alone about it. They need to make those juicers self cleaning.

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Eric W. Harper said...

Jules, I feel your pain. Can I just go home and have my mommy take care of me? I read the Senate says they don't want to grant us back pay. I think it's because the Republican House created the bill and the Democratic Senate doesn't want to ratify a bill the other party created. I'm sick to my stomach! I'm applying for unemployment tomorrow.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm so sorry Julie.
This all sucks.
Wish those assholes could be without pay or health care. Aargh! It makes me nuts. I feel your pain - same thing here.

I hope it gets better for us all soon!!

Chris H said...

Fook not good mate! Life is full of crap right now for you.. and us!
Blood clots are MEGA DANGEROUS, I hope it dissolves on it's own.
What medication did they put him on? I was put on Rivaroxiban when I had a blood clot in my lung... it was an experimental drug, but it worked.

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