Thursday, October 3, 2013

Furlough Day 3

What day is it? Let's see.. my kid got out of school early yesterday so that must have been Wednesday so that makes today Thursday. Yep yep that's it!

Ah I remember the days of not working now. The days when you don't want it to be Friday because Saturday and Sunday are NOT your days off haha.

So far this morning I've decided that it is COLD. I totally had to break out the long socks and I'm wearing a sweatshirt IN THE HOUSE. Craziness. It must be fall or something. We're totally going to have to vacuum out the heater this weekend. That's the only part about winter that I like. Mornings in front of the heater getting nice and toasty. (We have your Grandma's 1950's wall heater still.) Of course those mornings are sometimes not quite so nice when the kids are fighting about who got there first and who is hogging all the heat. Gotta love it! We've got to embrace it all because before long they will all fly the nest and we'll be the only ones standing in front of the heater.

The other day at the grocery store I got not one but TWO hugs from my kids while we were waiting in line to check out. We were all a little cold from sitting outside eating our frozen yogurt and both of the kids came over and hugged me to get warm. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. They are all getting to be so much fun now with their cute quirky personalities. And yes, all my kids are rather quirky. I have NO IDEA where they get that from :shrugs:.

Trevor has been wanting poached eggs FOREVER. I don't have an egg poacher pan (and I have heard if you are awesome you can just make them in a pot of water but yeah, haven't reached that level of awesomeness yet) so I was happy when I found this little egg poacher tray thing at the grocery store awhile back. Growing up my step mom always made us poached eggs. She is a great cook and always made us the best food. I'm sure I used to drive her nuts wanting my egg yoke running but not the whites haha.

Anyhow I finally tried out this little poacher this morning and I did it!

Egg yolk runny but slightly over cooked. 90% done right :wink: I think I need one more or just to get an actual egg poacher pan since he likes them. No one else in the family will eat non scrambled eggs but the two of us, but I would like more than one egg.

Ok off to make his lunch and take him to school. Yesterday we were TOO EARLY and had to sit there for almost ten minutes. Not sure how that happened.
Well lots of internet reading this morning. Whoops got sucked into some blogs and then to reading about the adopted children being traded around like dogs. That's some scary shit. People are freaking crazy too.

I did get one round of cleaning done though. But it's a new day, so it's like just re-cleaning what I cleaned yesterday. Yeah, I'm starting to remember why I always end up with a messy house. All that cleaning, no one cares because no one actually comes over when it's clean, and you bust your ass for nothing and do it all again the next day.

I do have a full closet of clothes now though, that's kind of nice. I can see the end of the laundry pile might be reached tomorrow at say midnight? Maybe, if I don't slack off ;)

Dinner is in the crock pot too although I want to make some corn bread to go with it. Yum yum. Although why does corn bread have to have so many calories/ It's just not fair.
Everyone I work with is so lost. I am SO LUCKY I have a spouse who works. The single people that I work with are all in a sort of panic. How long are we going to be off? How are they going to pay their bills if they don't get a paycheck?

People are in limbo. Do they look for another job? I am just a contract employee so I can apply for unemployment but the federal employees have to wait 7 days to apply. It's a scary place for people living on one income. One guy I work with is talking about moving back to another state where he knows he can get a job. One things for sure, if this lasts long enough we are going to have a few job openings in our office.

My friend Eric came over and mowed my lawn. He said he loves doing yard work and he doesn't know what else to do with himself so he came over and mowed. I was going to buy him a beer but he settled for a glass of Diet Coke.

My poor yard is so neglected I'm about ready to pull most of the stuff out in the front yard and redo it (the little stuff). The bermuda grass bitch that she is has got in there and is trying to take over. If I'm off long enough maybe I'll get out there.

I feel a nap coming on. I think I'll go read for awhile!
Jessica decided to come home for the weekend. She doesn't have class on Friday so she came home just in time to complain about the beans in the dinner :wink:

I made this version of "Olive Garden Pasta Soup" in the crockpot. I'm going to be eating the left overs for days. It's good but I might have to put some in the freezer so it doesn't go bad. For some reason my kids are all whiners about beans. Well the girls anyways. Trevor eats pretty much anything.
After stuffing myself I waddled to my bed and read passed out for the night. So much for going to the gym!Pin It

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