Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Random Running Thoughts

I had a 4 mile run to do today. I skipped Monday's run since I ran 12 miles on Sunday (usually do long runs on Saturday but I had that 5k). My legs were still a bit sore so I debated on going out to run at all. But after about an hour of homework with Trevor I decided that I could use a run.

So I went out and did an out and back run with some walking. I just couldn't really get my mind to escape until the last little stretch. If you run you will know what a I mean.

Things I thought about while I was running?

Where I'm going to run my 13? mile training run this weekend. Somewhere in town I know that.
Why does my son not know his times tables?
If Scott doesn't shave his beard soon I might have to take some drastic measures.
It's really dark.
Where's the moon?
I need to do some thank you cards (designed in my head)
I should blog about my smoking neighbors that are always outside when I run
I should ask those people why they have so many cats
Oh look someone moved into that house
I wonder if I could organize a 5k out here
Coyotes, they're busy they won't care about me
Oh the rifle range is open tonight, must be Wednesday. Hope there's no stray bullets.
That steak I made for dinner was icky. I think I'll give up steak.

See? All over the place. I'm sure there was more but that's the ones I remember haha.

PS Scott is doing better, he's been yelling at the tv. That's a sign if I ever saw (heard) one.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Good to hear about Scott!!

I have those things happen to me in the shower. some of my best thoughts and ideas. :-)

Sarah said...

LOL! That is how my brain thinks constantly. It REALLY makes it hard to follow thru with getting stuff done. Glad to see Scott is regaining his TV yelling abilities!!

Annsterw said...

Happy to hear Scott is getting better!!! My brain functions exactly the same way although I too love it when I can reach that escape point in my run where it shuts off entirely!!! :-)

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