Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big Trees Make Big Messes

I've felt so tired today. Blah. Blah . Blah.

That's about how I've felt all day today. Most of the people in my office went to some kind of training all day which meant that I got to answer the phone and get the counter all day. Fun stuff. At least I wasn't bored right? I actually like talking to people more than just sitting in my cube all day so it wasn't really all that bad. It's nice when people are happy and excited about projects. I guess that goes with this time of year when everyone is putting in their applications. Soon that will change into people getting frustrated that we want so much paper work that they don't want to turn in and mad because they aren't getting funded. Ah the joys of working for the public :wink:

I finally got a paycheck today YEAHHHH and so I went over to the bank to deposit it instead of the mobile banking. I've learned that that if you go to the bank it gives you a few hundred as an available balance but if you do it on your phone it makes you wait until the next day to touch any of it. Not that I'm that desperate at the moment but I like to pay bills and I need to go grocery shopping (again).

After depositing my check I went over to the little Mexican food place and had an enchilada lunch. This place is so not the place to go if you are picky but it's good enough if you are hungry and it's cheap. Today I asked if I could have some fresher chips and the gal told me they were always fresh, that they make them every day. It was pretty obvious to me that they were yesterday's fresh batch but eh that's what they had.

When I got home from work I went over to my mom's little place she has out here (the cabin we call it). She needs to clean up the backyard for an insurance inspection. The back yard is buried with the neighbor's tree crap. The gal that used to live behind her had planted a bunch of pepper trees. When she planted them they were little. Now she's moved and their is a new couple that lives there and the tress are HUGE.

My mom already spent a whole day cleaning up the yard and cutting back on the trees.

Here is the little playhouse they were making for Melissa (more of hang out house). It's not finished yet but it's cute inside.

The trees were all the way out to where Trevor is standing when my mom started cleaning it up

So my parents are paying someone like $500 to come cut back this neighbor's trees. The neighbor guy came over while I was there and I guess he was going to pay $150 to have the one on the left there taken out. Then he came back and said his wife said they couldn't afford it. So basically my parents are paying to clean up this guy's tree mess. I told them they should tell the trimming guys to just leave all the branches in his yard.

Not really but COME ON it's your trees, take some responsibility. If you can't afford to pay to get them trimmed how about you come over and help clean up the mess they make?

They've already had to repair their fence and haul tree crap away a couple times in the past. 

So don't plant a bunch of HUGE trees along a fence line. Even if they are little when they start off. 

When I was driving home I actually stopped the car and backed up to get this picture.

You can't really see it but there are geese on the lake too. So pretty!

Poor Scott's foot is all swollen today. It's like the swelling worked it's way down his leg all the way down to his foot.

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