Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Furlough Day 1

OMG you guys! I'm home all by myself!! For like 6 hours, OH maybe longer, Trevor has band after school!! What do I do what do I do???

So far I've hit Pinterest (my favorite new quote!)

reading a few blogs, made myself some breakfast. Second cup of coffee, might make some more since I CAN.

Turned off Pokemon and switched over to the Food Network...

I guess I should clean something. That would probably be good.
I'm going to be like Chris and update this through out the day lol. Might as well right?

Just spent 10 minutes cleaning in every room but Melissa's. Made a dent all over.

I've discovered that I am not reading magazines fast enough. I have magazines from this time last year. They are getting donated to the library. I've saved the last month or so of the ones I have and that's it! It's amazing how much nicer that feels. I'm going to have a car load of stuff to donate after today.

A co-worker just told me that I'm missing out on all the fun at work today. Um how? The federal employees had to go in to shut down everything. Since I'm a contract employee I chose not to spend an hour driving to go put files away and not get paid for it. Duh.
Observation from last round of cleaning: my son is a water bottle hoarder. And a slob.

So I just filed for unemployment JUST IN CASE this all lasts awhile. Since it takes awhile to get the ball rolling I figured I might as well start now.
I should probably clean my ceiling fans more often. I honestly don't remember the last time I cleaned them but cough cough cough :gross:
After I picked up the kids from the bus and school we went to town to get Melissa some poster board and glue for a project. I'm so glad I remembered they have that stuff at the dollar store. We got both for under $2, score!

Trevor was jonesing for some ice cream so I took them to Menchies (frozen yogurt) and we all got some. I just love their cute little spoons. What I don't like is that they have a bunch of toppings at kid level with no sneeze guard. Kind of grosses me out.

My favorite flavor is coconut and the pomegranate is good too.

After yogurt we ordered a couple pizzas from Papa Murphy's and then ran into the grocery store to get a couple things {DOH forgot dryer sheets!}.

We had the pizza for dinner which was good but ugh gave me a stomach ache. I laid down on the couch and started reading my new book club book Hello Darkness by Sandra Brown (I think this our 3rd Sandra Brown in a row). Of course it wasn't long before all thoughts of going to the gym were gone and I just went to bed!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This was funny!! Can you cone over and do my house? No ceiling fans though ...we did them s couple weeks ago!

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