Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things are looking up for the moment, subject to change as the wind blows

I feel like my days lately are just a huge roller coaster of emotions. Up down up down. I had a 3 day stretch of no crying. That was awesome. Broke that yesterday though.

I finally found out that I would not getting back pay. I had to email around to find out since no one that knew the answer actually came over to me and explained what was going on. I think the lack of communication to the employees was pretty awesome. One of the board members told me that he didn't own a printing press so sorry, we can't pay you. Nice!

So I had that at work and then when I got home I took Scott to get his blood draw done and went up to make him an appointment with the doctor. They had an opening so we got him in. AND the office gal accidentally charged my card $85 for the visit, which she refunded right away but you know how banks work. Take it out quick put it back slow.

The doctor looked at Scott's knee, which seems to be the problem now (weird) and said he wanted to send him for an MRI. UM HELLO? No insurance not much working. We settled for trying to ice it for awhile. Scott was in a lot of pain and almost FELL on the way from the office to the car. I decided after that that maybe we could borrow his dad's walker that he doesn't use (it's from when he broke his hip). Scott didn't argue so we went by and picked up that. Then I needed to get some groceries and he said he could wait in the car so I ran in. By the time I got back out he was in tons of pain. By the time we got home he was in EXCRUCIATING pain. Eventually he got settled down, but I swear I felt like a total stress case. Poor guy!

Today has been a much better day. I got home from work and my book club friend came over and brought me a check from my neighborhood church (which sadly I don't even go to, might have to change that) and some cash from someone else. Speechless.

Scott was also in a much better mood and was feeling a lot better, which of course makes the day so much better.

I had my phone interview for unemployment. I missed 11 days so I think I'll get paid for 5 or so. Not entirely sure but every little bit helps.  Scott got his first payment for disability also so I think I'll be able to pay all the bills and buy groceries YEAH!! One less thing to worry about.

So Scott has an EBT card for disability and I will have an EBT card for the unemployment.

Should I have my iPhone out while I use it? 

I swear I saw one of these things this morning in my Facebook newsfeed. They are so demeaning. Yes I guess I could deactivate my phone and use a POS one but I'm pretty sure that will cost me more than just making my payment. 

Judge away people. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, the a-hole who said he didn't have a printing press ...doe he know about the invention of mass email? What a horses ass!!!

I'm sorry you are going through this, as you know i was there last year.

Also I want to publicly say to the closed minded idiots who think you get this money makes you lazy ...just wait til they have a hardship. They will be the first one whining and having their hand out. Karma will bite them in ass we just have to wait.

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure that the one that doesn't own a printing press does quite a bit of computer work on his retired farmer life. They could have sent something! On the iphone, WTF cares what you are using. It isn't like you are buying cigarettes and not feeding the kids. This whole thing will blow over, and life will move on. I know you know there are lots of people praying for you. Keep your chin up! Love and miss you!

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