Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Furlough Day 6000

Oh wait maybe it's only 6.

I've been thinking of ways I can make some money.
  1. hooker (my mom says no, I say I have some boots that might work)
  2. sell body parts. I might lose a few pounds that way too right? Anyone need some skin? I have some extra skin you can have... Apparently I can get paid for plasma. Can I run after donating?
  3. I'm sure I can get a few bucks for all my half dead furniture, someone totally needs a couch with the springs visible right?
  4. collecting cans. I can just take a bag with me while I run. It will be like killing a few birds with one stone. Running, weight lifting, cleaning up the side of the road.
  5. I offered my services for cleaning, yard work and babysitting on Facebook :crickets:
  6. I could start making shit to sell on Etsy again. That might work plus I could get stuff cleaned out of my room right?
Any other ideas? I used to go buy stuff to resell all the time. I'm thinking that's probably the place to start. I just remembered I have a ton of vintage patterns I bought to resell. I could work on those I guess!
In other news we need to figure out how we are getting Scott's paycheck. I don't really want to drive all the way over there. I'm thinking maybe we can get the guy to mail it but I don't know how reliable he is to do that. Might just have to suck it up and go for a ride.
Well today is pretty exciting. You know in Mr. Mom where he's all depressed and he's on the couch with his big beard, flannel shirt and beer? That's how I feel. Except someone else is watching the TV.

I decided to go to the gym to do something productive with myself. I went for about an hour. I might have stayed longer but I was feeling like I needed to eat so I left. I had a Clif bar in my purse. I guess I could have just went out to the parking lot and ate it and went back in but I felt like I had got a pretty good work out in.

After that I ran to the grocery to get a few things ($60 wha?) and then came home and made some lunch. Scott keeps doing the hot/cold thing so I was sitting here feeling like I was going to combust. I went in and laid down for awhile but then woke up to him coaching the A's game from the recliner. I told him to remind me to wake him up with some screaming next time he's asleep. So.annoying.

I'm really hoping this medicine he's on is working so that 1.) he gets better and 2.) I can go on my trip this weekend so that 3.) I don't run away screaming like an insane person.

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1 comment:

Annsterw said...

If it was me I'd be praying to have some alone time too...then you dont have to take care of someone else and you can just gallivant around the house all day and enjoy your little break from working...I am sending massive prayers out that the deserving people like you DO get paid after all this craziness is said and done!
Try and enjoy it...pretend it is a staycation at home...organizing things ALWAYS keeps me busy...
Sending calming vibes your way HEE HEE

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