Friday, August 16, 2013

Books Books Books

Singing that to the SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS beat. Eh not quite the same effect. But if I can't be on a dance floor in Vegas where they ware shooting "shots" out of super soakers (which ew no thanks) I guess I can read something equally exciting. Or not.

Chill Factor by Sandra Brown (I listened to the audio book)

There's a couple different stories going on in this book.

You have a husband and wife that have just got divorced. They've just cleaned out their cabin, the last thing they shared.

There is the serial killer, who we think we know who it is by the beginning of the book. Is it him? Is it someone else?

You have the older brother and sister who live together. He's a pharmacist and she's a teacher.

The "star" athlete being over coached by his father who is pretty crazy.

And you have Ben who may or may not be that serial killer.

They all come together to make this great story that happens during a snow storm. Several times through out the story I thought I knew who the killer was and then wait, no? Maybe not? Towards the end I was pretty sure I had it figured out though! I listened to this book while I cleaned house. Almost the entire book in one day, it was so good I didn't want to stop cleaning so I could find out what was going to happen next!

Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown

This book was long. REALLY long. 12 discs long. I kind of got to the point where I almost thought about not finishing it because I was just tired of it. Skip some detail, condense, get to the point already.

The story is about Britt who has just woke up at her friend Jay's house. She wakes up buck naked and can't remember a thing. She's feeling a bit mortified so she goes in and takes a shower and when she comes out she realizes that her good friend Jay is DEAD!

She calls the cops and is surprised that she is a suspect. Why would she want to kill her friend? And why can't she remember anything.

Lucky for her she gets kidnapped! Lucky? What's lucky about that? Well the guy that kidnaps her (Raley) was friends with Jay and he too woke up next to a dead woman and didn't remember a thing. And it happened at his good friend Jay's house.


So the story which is LONG but still interesting is all about them figuring it all out and who the bad guy(s) are. If it wasn't so slow it would have totally kept me on my seat. Good for a REALLY LONG car ride. With Coffee.

I had this book on my Kindle. Melissa had read it for a book report (we are on the same Amazon account so all our books show up on each other's devices)

Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor by Icek Kuperberg

This is obviously a book about the Holocaust. It starts when Irving is young boy of 15 and follows him through about 4 years I think it was of being in concentration camps. Icek was lucky in that he was very skilled at making things so was used as work labor. He was also very smart.

Those things saved his life on more than one account. This was a pretty short book and had a few pictures so you could get a bit of a visual of some people and how things were. It was a good history lesson. It always amazes me just how many people were killed. Seeing a picture of a pile of shoes really brings that to life. Scary scary times.

Goodbye Junie Moon is our book club book for this month. When I first saw this book selection I was kind of like "eh, that books is going to suck". But then I started reading it and OH MAN is it a good book!!

June Collins started off life in Australia with her family. She was pretty much mid class from how it seemed but then her father took a hike. She ended up living with her rich grandparents while her mother and siblings went to a dairy farm. She got a bit spoiled with Grandma and Grandpa. Then her Mom came and got her and took her off to a dump. Mom was also pregnant and the other guy's kids were there too so it was a big poor family.

So from that June learns a bit of both sides of the tracks. Eventually she finds herself in Vietnam in the entertainment industry and realizes that there is some dirty money going on.

This whole book was so good I ended up spending the whole day on it. I'm actually reading the sequel now and it's just as good. I don't know if she actually wrote the book herself or if someone else writes for her but she's quite the story teller!

Sea Glass by Anita Shreve

In the beginning of this book Anita tells us that she has used the house in this book for three different books now. Each book was set in a different time period, so really it could be like learning the story of the house. It's like "if these walls could talk". Right up my alley on that front. But I haven't read the other two books! So now I will have to.

In this story Honora has just married Sexton. It's right before the big stock market crash. Life is good. They move into this dump of a house that is right on the water and start fixing it up. Sexton is a salesman, so he's good at telling a story. Apparently to everyone.

Which all kind of bites him in the ass when the stock market crashes and slowly he loses everything. He ends up having to work in a factory along with several other characters in the book. Eventually they all come together and WHAM what a story!

Have you read a good book lately?

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