Friday, August 9, 2013

Just a little this and that

Ha HA! I just found where that video of my brother going through the dog door went.  For your viewing pleasure, here it is!

His friend bet him $20 he wouldn't make it. Someone got a little richer!

So I woke up this morning and the first thing I see is this

Why God? WHY? Why can my husband not put his fucking shirt in the fucking basket? I swear this is my biggest pet peeve. I mean, IT'S RIGHT THERE! 

THREE of them!

I know I'm not perfect. I don't hang up my clothes or put them in the basket every time I take them off. But I have a little pile NOT ON THE FLOOR and I go through and throw the dirty ones I'm not going to wear again in the basket. Eventually I hang everything else back up or it makes it to the basket. It's my "recycle" clothing pile. Yeah yeah that's it. 

So it's FRIDAY!

Scott picked up some Papa Murphy's pizza on the way home from work. To celebrate me not having to cook I had a little glass of wine before he got home. When he got home he was all pumped up about going for our three mile scheduled run (I thought we'd do it tomorrow..) before he ate. I didn't want to look like a slacker and I knew I was going to be over calories so I went and put my running clothes on and we went out for our 3 mile run.

We decided we'd do an "out and back" and of course when we got to the turn around point it was when we crossed paths with the one other person outside. He was walking his dog and he was like WTF? When I suddenly turned around right after I had passed him and ran past him again. I'm sure he thought I was going to mug him or something.

Sorry old guy walking your poodle! In his defense it's a STANDARD poodle not one of those little asshole poodles. No a MANLY poodle. It didn't have a q-tip on it's head either. Just all nice and fluffy. Cool like.

Men must hate having to walk those little fluffy yappy bitchy poodles.

Like my neighbor's dog, it's name is BOO BOO. It must really hurt a man's pride to call after his dog BOO BOO come here BOO BOO. Although that asshole dog is a chihuahua.

So ANYWAYS where was I? Oh yeah so I had some wine. With my pizza when we got home. Probably not a good idea to drink that BEFORE running. You might have to walk a little bit. 

I'm kind of sad I don't have anymore, that stuff was pretty good!

Tomorrow I'm getting up early to go run with my step mom on some hills. I hope I don't die. I should probably find my little water bottle pack thing. I'm still wearing my running clothes, maybe I could just sleep in them.


Kind of. 

Then it's baby shower time!! Should be nice to see some family. Then I should probably take Melissa to buy some school clothes and crap. I was hoping she wouldn't notice we hadn't done that but she was like "so are we going to go back to school shopping?" 

So I guess we should do that. Since she starts school on Monday. The bus comes at 6:53. Wooowee that's early. Guess I'll start being on time for work again starting next week eh?

So what's your weekend plans? 

Do you have any good wine? I'm all out of booze. Well there is still some of that limoncello stuff on the top of the fridge but I'm afraid it might kill me. Booze doesn't go bad though right? Hmmm

Did you take your kids school shopping? Did you spend an arm and a leg? I hope you didn't have to buy one of those scary expensive calculators. I hope I don't have to buy one of those. ACK.

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