Saturday, August 31, 2013

Color The Skies 5K!

Scott and I learned a good lesson today. You know those little rip off things on your running bibs? DON'T RIP THEM OFF.

Today we ripped them off. Then 5 minutes before the race started the gal talking says "don't rip them off you need them when you finish the race". F ME are you kidding? I looked at Scott and was like um yeah well oh well. He's like give me the car key! And runs the probably one mile round trip out to the car and back. He gets back JUST before we take off. Poor guy.

I shoved mine in my cleavage and took off. Here you go, boob sweat waaahhlaaa!

So my plan going into this race was sub 30. Yeah yeah I'm going to get that fing thing one of these days. Just not today sadly. When I finished my runkeeper said 30:53. My "unofficial time is 31:01. Still a race PR so I'll take it!

If I could just learn how to run fast AND be able to breathe I'd be awesome ;) Sadly I had to walk a few steps here and there so I could catch my breath.

Poor Scott was winded from running to the car and back so didn't do too hot for the race. Whoopsie.

Here's a couple pictures from the race


Then someone offered to take a pic for us. 

Looking all muscular booyaaa so much better than looking fat! Makes those late night gym sessions totally worth it.

Scott coming in

When the race was over we sat around for a few minutes and then came home. I didn't get anything from their food table afterwards (other than water). I so don't understand why they only have cookies and crap after races. HELLO how about some oranges and protein? Most of us are out there running to try and lose weight and or be athletic.If you're going to put crap out at least get donuts. THAT I would eat ;)

Oh and got a pic with the Kat Country balloon!

My calves are so tight now. Going to be stretching all day! I put some biofreeze on them but that didn't seem to help. I haven't had that happen in a long time. Hopefully they can recover because I think we are going to try and do our long run tonight so we can take our bikes out tomorrow.

Yes I know we are crazy.
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