Saturday, August 24, 2013

Off To College Round 2

I've been so busy this week. I can't believe it's been six days since my last post!

Yesterday my Mom and I helped Jessica move back to college. We did a little caravan behind her since she had more stuff than what she could fit in her car. Honestly I also just REALLY wanted to go see her off too.

Before we left I went out for a 4 mile run. I turned off all my audio cues but the miles and told myself just to take it nice and easy with the only goal being to NOT WALK any of it. Lately I try to run fast to make a goal pace and then end up doing some walking to catch my breath for a few minutes. BUT I totally ran that 4 miles without walking and felt great AND when I looked at my pace when I was done? Totally a good pace.

After that I took a shower and by the time I was done getting ready and cleaning out my car my Mom was here and we were ready to go.

Buster thought maybe he'd get to go too.

On the way we stopped at Casa de Fruta and went to the Casa de Restaurant for lunch.  I was pretty much starving so I had some clam chowder and then a club sandwich with cole slaw. Delicious! All that sinful bread.

We sat by the window and could see the little fountain outside. There was little birds hanging out in it for most of the time we were there. I forced Jessica to take a pic by it for me. Barely humoring me lol..

and us (someday I'll get cuter sunglasses)

That place is about the half way point for getting to her school. We got to the school around one and everything went so smoothly for her check in. No stress at all. The line to get her key was no existent (unlike last year when it took over an hour). She was saying hi to a lot of people and them to her. Everything felt so comfortable.

This year she is in a double instead of a triple and is friends with her roommate already so hopefully that will make this year so much better.

To the left is the closet and to the right is the bathroom they share with the room next to them.

bathroom (shower on the other side of the toilet wall)

closet, they got the dresser things to come out and moved those out in the room after I left

Ocean view from the room

All set up

with my Mom right before I left.

Pretty trees outside

While we were there we took her stuff up the three flights of stairs (about 5 trips or so), went to Target and hung out while she set everything up.

When we left her I was hungry so we went to find somewhere to eat. I was driving down Fremont and spotted this place off to the side called Nifty 50's Cafe so we decided to try it. 

When we went in there was no other customers and I was like ummm maybe that's not a good sign? Especially since it was dinner time. The food was really good though so I think maybe they are just a tiny bit off the beaten path and need some better signage or something. We've went down that road a ton of times and never even noticed the place before. 

I got the meatloaf dinner (and a cup of clam chowder which was really good!)

While we were there only one other table of people came in. The whole time we were there I kept thinking that this place needs to be on that show Restaurant Impossible. Sad that it probably isn't going to stay in business long with it being that dead in there on a Friday night!

On the way home there was a bunch of traffic on 152. There weren't any accidents and all of a sudden it just broke up (after like half an hour of just crawling and breaking). That's the first time I've come across traffic in that area. I guess it was just Friday night commuter type traffic even though it was after normal commute hours. 

School starts Monday for her. I hope it all goes well! It's a good thing I don't have more kids all this back to school shopping is killing me!

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Annsterw said...

What a great trip with your mom and daughter and how nice you got to take her back! I dont know how you moms do it - I told my sister I would be balling!!! Very emotional! ha! Awesome run time - you are getting wayyy faster than me!!!

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