Saturday, August 17, 2013

Recipe Round Up

So I went about a week without going grocery shopping and meal planning. Results? Gained 3 pounds lol. I went shopping the other day and I'm all set up for the next week. It's so much easier for me to stay on task if I cook dinner and have left overs for lunch. Here's a few things I made before I ran out of food ;)

Well except for this one I made last night. We had the not so healthy Taco Pizza. (I used ground turkey instead of ground beef) I made it 8 servings with came out to a large slice for 424 calories. I had a little salad to go with it.

This is my mom's casserole we had growing up, slightly revised to what I had left in the fridge.  Mom's recipe is ground beef but I used ground turkey, rice (I used brown rice), corn, some tomato sauce (used left over spaghetti sauce), cheese and usually topped with olives but I didn't have any. The great thing about casserole is that you can change it up lol. I loosely figured out the calories to be about 253 a serving.

French Dip Cupcakes

This is a crappy picture but oh well. Super yummy! Easy to make too. I didn't need the extra au ju sauce I had on the side. Mine came out to 128 calories each.

Parmesan Meatloaf (Peggy this one is gluten free if you use the right crumbs)

I've never made meatloaf in a loaf pan. DUH great idea lol. I used all ground turkey. Scott liked it better than my own meatloaf I make. 337 calories a serving.


These were so good! They would be great for a party. Mine came out to 108 calories each.

Super easy to make. I used jarred Alfredo sauce. 300 Calories each. 

That's all the new recipes I've tried since my last post. I'll have a few more next week! Have you tried a new recipe lately? 
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