Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If only I knew back then...

Someone posted this picture on Facebook the other day. I don't know the poster, but it came up because I'm "friends" with someone else in the picture that was tagged.

Can you find me?

Here's a hint "resting bitchy face".

This was our school's Track and Field team. My freshman year. I have no idea what inspired me to go out for track. I was NOT a runner. I had to struggle in junior high to run the mile in time so that I didn't have to be in the "fat kid's group" and run the track the entire class period.  (I often try to remember, what that mile time was supposed to be. Under 10 minutes? I think that is what it was)

I know when I went out I wanted to do sprints. I always liked sprinting. Just a short run across the track, anyone could do it right?

I remember we had try-outs of sorts where we had to sign up for what we wanted to do, and try that, and probably a few other things for the coaches. No one gets cut in track.

So imagine my surprise when I made it on the shot put and discus team. YEahhh.

No idea what those things are. You want me to toss this heavy ball thing? and this frisbee thing? Ok whatever, I'll give it a go. So that's what I did for the season. I never won anything or placed in anything but I got to travel with the track team and go to meets. That part was fun.

I remember one time they had us all go run down the street and do a large loop and back to the school. I remember running that and thinking "I kind of like this". I often wonder if I would have done well in cross country. But I didn't know I liked to run back then.

Did you find me in the picture yet? 2nd row from the bottom, 3rd from the right.Pin It


Annsterw said...

WOW! That is great! You do not look happy :-) HA HA
You have SERIOUS amounts of hair!!!

Melissa G. said...

"Resting bitchy face" - that description cracks me up! I think it accurately describes me! :)

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