Sunday, September 1, 2013

You know you're going crazy when...

I felt slightly insane last night.

For the first time ever I went out and ran a second time in one day. I had a bit of a dilemma going on with myself. We ran the 5k in the morning BUT I still needed to run about 5 miles to make my goal of 70 miles for August. We had a 6 mile long run on the schedule for Sunday (did you know you can use a training plan on Runkeeper?) Plus I really needed to get out on my bike and get some miles in. We have that huge bike ride coming up in 3 weeks and I'm totally stressing that I'm going to die.

So Scott made the suggestion that we'd go out and do the long run Saturday night and then Sunday morning we could get up early and go do a bike ride. I agreed and that is what we did!

Scott was pretty happy with himself because he was able to run the whole 6 miles without walking (longest run with no walking so far!) We took it nice and easy the whole way and ran together the whole time. It was nice! Funny how sometimes you can have a great run together and other times you can't stand the way your partner is breathing haha. (any couple runners out there I KNOW you gotta know what I mean)

After we got home I sat on the front porch for a few minutes, then went in the house, took a shower and went to bed. EXHAUSTED! But feeling accomplished.

This morning we got up at six, got ready by having a little pre-ride carby breakfast.

I see people eat this all the time. It was good but VERY SWEET.

Where we live depending on what direction you go you can go to 3 different cities. We went towards Manteca. We rode to town, stopped at McDonald's to use the bathroom (that's about all I use McD's for now-well except for the occasional $1 diet coke) and then rode back down a different road.

The morning was so beautiful. I remembered why I like to ride a bike. Pedaling along, seeing the scenery as it goes by, smelling the smells (although not all are good haha), letting my mind wander as I methodically move my legs.  It's so refreshing.

Of course part of the time I'm thinking that I should really just bite the bullet and buy some expensive bike shorts because my ass is killing me! I'm feeling tired, how much farther, etc, but then it's HEY LOOK at those Donkeys! And that guy in his long white robe trimming his bushes (not shitting you there).

Overall it was a nice ride.

I'm spending the rest of the day being lazy. I'll work on that laundry tomorrow!Pin It


Suburban Correspondent said...

Wow, your one-year-apart before and after pictures are almost inspiring me! I'm feeling SO fat and jiggly lately. Also, I need to get in better shape.

Sarah said...

OH..understand the couple running. I don't know how you both can run together. I can't stand doing the couple the slightest bit!!

Sarah said...

OH for the record, John walks to my run...drives me insane!

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