Sunday, September 8, 2013

Long Ride Sunday

So on today's schedule I had a 7 mile run for my half marathon training. I decided yesterday that we should put that off until Monday so that we could go out and do another long bike ride.

That big ride is coming up in two weeks!

We got up and had a little pre-ride breakfast

and then we were off!

We decided to go to Ripon, and then past that and towards Modesto.After 20 miles we turned around and went back home.

The only stop we made (other than a few small ones on the side of the road) was to run into Walgreens and see if they had a small can of WD40 (they didn't) and then next door to an auto parts store for the same (and they did).

The whole ride went really well and I didn't feel TOO wiped out. My hips were feeling a little bit sore and I was a little tired but not like cry on the side of the road tired. I really need to get some better shorts though. When we stopped at Walgreens I told Scott that I couldn't feel my vagina. He said "we're in public you aren't supposed to Miley" baaahahaha too funny. Cracked me up.

This was my view for most of the ride

We got lucky and got back before it got too hot. Not much else has got done other than him cooking me a big breakfast when we got back and a nap on the couch. I guess I should probably cook some diner to be nice. Or maybe we could just get pizza...

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