Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Good morning happy Wednesday!
I ended up watching these monkeys all day yesterday since their mom was sick.

After they left I cleaned up and went to bed lol.

The day after Christmas I worked on this paint by number I bought myself all day. Totally messed up the bunny and the mouse. I should have started with those and used a smaller paint brush since the lines were so tiny. Oh well lol. I'll hang it up in my crafty room :)

Tubby loves sitting in this thing, it is so funny!

Another slow work day. Trevor went to work and came home already. He is off on a date with his girl crush. They are going ice skating later. Woohooo for him leaving the house haha. 

I didn't take any Nyquil last night and actually didn't wake myself up coughing so that's a plus. Coughing a bit of stuff up here and there so maybe I'll be well soon. It could be a nice New Years Present lol. 

There is a NYE party out here but I think I am going to skip it this year. 8-12 and $10 for snacks. Doesn't even sound fun this year. I'm still tired from Christmas. 

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