Friday, December 16, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! That reminds me I need to do my time card still. 

Almost finished up the tops of the mug rugs I was working on yesterday. Just need to pull the treads through on the larger ones then put the backs on them. Shouldn't take too long!

The kids came over while their parents went shopping so I got my house vacuumed real quick before they came over. 

Daniel had some spaghetti lol

I told Scott they were coming over so he came home to play with them. He has to be exhausted. He commutes like 2 hours each way, then went and fed his mom and then picked us up a pizza lol. We are a 15ish minute drive from his mom's house too. 

I don't think he regretted coming home though ;)

They fell asleep right before Jess and Big Daniel got back. Lilly was quite the screamer again last night although I did get her to giggle a bit playing peek a boo lol.

I have these lawn swing cushions I had covered and then the kids took off with them. The lawn swing is long gone but when Daniel's dad moved the cushions came back. I just tossed a sheet on them for the kids to play on but mostly the dogs did. 

Darts tonight woohoo. Hopefully it is fun. It is usually better on a Friday night because more people are hanging out.

Off to do my time card since I'm caught up on everything else so far today!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Happy Friday. Hubby still sick so it's quiet around here....until he wakes and whines. :-)

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