Sunday, January 1, 2023


Good morning happy 2023! We have not flooded here so that is a plus! It's amazing how much water there is everywhere. I looked up the amounts of actual rain in the last 24 hours and it isn't even that much. Why is there so much water? People clogging the drains? lol It is sunny here today and no rain scheduled. Tons more to come this week though.

I started constructing my banner/garlands whatever we shall call them. First I had to look up how to make pom poms and the ones I made were too big. I remembered my step dad's aunt teaching me how to make them with a fork when I was a kid and that turned out to be perfect! I might need to get some more colors of yarn now.

I only took pictures of the first 2 I made since it was late and the lighting was shit. I need to find a good place to hang them to take pictures. 

This one ended up being really long

I made this one a bit shorter

I made a couple more in various sizes. The last one I used some weird ribbon/yard stuff I had from back in the scrapbooking day and it turned out pretty cute.

I managed to stay up til midnight with my little project. Jess apparently texted and called me around 6am but I didn't hear it since I had the sound of my phone off (otherwise I get noises like Facebook waking me up). I had even set up emergency contacts that were supposed to go through so I'm not sure why it didn't. Hopefully everything is ok since she didn't answer me back yet this morning. She said the baby had been screaming all night in her text. She had a little fever when she went home from my house yesterday. I swear we are never going to get rid of this bug, we just keep passing it around. This morning Trevor was telling me to stop when I came in doing the gag coughing after taking the dogs out. Just the morning clean out. Sigh. 

Ok off to play with my little project some more while I can!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hopefully you are not being effected by the things I'm seeing on TV - power outages and flooding. I hope you're just recovering from your New Years Eve. LOL

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