Friday, January 13, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! More rain for the forecast boo. The river is projected to get to the monitoring stage soon. Saw this last night. 

The other night I ran into the latch of the bathroom door at the kitchen clubhouse. I must have been in a hurry because I whacked it good. Man it was hurting last night, going to be one heck of a bruise.

Mostly finished sewing up my scraps and then cutting them up again. I have one little strip to sew together and cut a few more. I think I will use some for coasters. 

I made stew for dinner last night and boxed corn bread. Accidentally put too much flour in there so it was extra thick. Still good though.

Trevor spent the morning losing his shit because his computer seems to have crashed. He gets the reboot screen but it doesn't fix anything. Hopefully he can get it to work. He wants to go to Best Buy and get something. He wants me to go with him but Jess just asked me to babysit for a little bit so she can take her car back in to the body shop since they didn't fix her door correctly. 


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