Monday, January 9, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! It was pouring all night and this morning. One of the local school districts cancelled school which seems crazy. They cancelled my overnight meeting in Monterey too, which is a good thing since I found out I should have done a travel voucher thing online 5 days ago lol. Whoops. Great job on my new boss making sure we were doing things correctly too..

This morning I filled out the online thing for my next 4 day training in Davis. The good thing about that one is the all you can eat sushi boat place. I hope it is still there lol. 

Listing to a 4 hour training on something I already do. She's like put in the zip code and then hit enter.. omg are you serious. Meanwhile here go figure out this other super complicated website without any help. 

Babysat the kiddos yesterday, they were pretty good. Scott was there for most of it so that was helpful. I got out the box to put the bassinet away and pulled out this little crib.  I put a crazy quilt I had made on the bottom for now (need to get some fresh sheets for it or make some I think) and Daniel kept climbing in and out of it and looking at the quilt that has some characters on it. He found Lilo & Stitch and got all excited lol.

Lilly took a long nap in there which was great!

Lilly is rolling over from her back to her belly now, no more unsupervised time laying on the couch!

This lasted like 2 seconds but was so cute, he covered Scott up with his blanket and climbed in.

Grandpa Pile

Wouldn't this be fun for a party?

Tonight I might sub for someone for Bunco. Kind of hoping I do so I can go hang out.
Darts tomorrow, I need to text my team mate that I can make it after all (his wife was going to be my sub). 

I got a bit of laundry done yesterday, trying to wash all the misc crap that is out there like couch pillows and stuff. Now I can keep on that since I don't have to go away for 2 days. A cat peed somewhere in the garage and I think it might be on my rug. That might just be going to the dump now. Oh well it was a bit light colored anyways.  Darn stray cats getting in there. Scott made a Redneck door for the big garage door and that is how they get in. 

Going to work on my scraps some more while listening to this dumb meeting. Such a waste of time they should have just put this in Ag Learn like everything else and called it good.

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