Wednesday, January 4, 2023


Good morning happy stormy Wednesday! It apparently rained early morning since there is a lot of puddles outside. It looks like it is not actually raining at the moment. Simon REALLY wants to go out for her morning play time.

I saw this ad last night, wth is up with these cars. Looks like a piece of junk for over $100k.

I made this recipe last night. It was SO good, definitely will make that again. I had one and Trevor had THREE. I was like wth. You get 2 I get 2 lol. Kid needs to learn not to eat everything. Oh and it cost $9.16 to make these. I didn't add the money in for the olive oil, butter or garlic since I already had those and they are minimal. 

Puppy puddle last night! Rusty had his head down but then he heard me. Simon won't let Snookie snuggle with her so she has to go on the other side lol.

I always wanted to do this. I should do it now but in reverse, no one has extra money at Christmas time lol.

I think I sold a few more of the heart garland things. I made up some more and then decided I'd just work on sewing all the hearts on the string first then go back and add bows and the pom poms. I still have a basket full lol. Definitely got carried away making those!

Still didn't take down the Christmas tree. Maybe today lol. Trevor is already all set up in the living room. JOB JOB someone needs a job. Oh speaking of which they sent us a text last night saying we can telework for today and tomorrow due to the storm. Okie dokie!

ok guess I'll go work on a spreadsheet some more. JOY. 

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