Sunday, January 8, 2023


Good morning happy babysitting Sunday!

Yesterday I did my membership meeting and then hung out at home a bit. Then we went to get something to eat and while we were there a car when flying through the parking lot and into the building 2 doors over. It was a nail place and we think one lady got ran over. They are saying she is in critical condition. Other seemed to have minor injuries. So scary! Scott was sitting facing the parking lot and saw the car come flying out of the car wash across the way and yelled, jumped up and ran out. 

The car went through the salon and curved into the credit union next door. When I was taking this picture the guy was climbing over the counter. I thought maybe he worked at the salon and was checking on the guy in the car but he was the car guy. They took him away in a cop car. We think he must have got his foot stuck on the accelerator or something. 

This picture is from FB

Update this morning. Hoping that poor lady makes it. Jessica's friend sent me a video of the guy flying out of the car wash. He has a friend that works there. I haven't seen that one posted anywhere so don't want to get anyone in trouble for sharing but he came out of there like a rocket.

I got the rest of my garlands pictures taken and posted on FB yesterday and now I only have 9 left that aren't sold or holding for someone so that's a relief! I thought I was going to end up with like 20 lol. I had 2 people buy 4 and a couple buy 2 so that was nice.

Keeping this one for myself

I went down to our little bar at 9ish last night and hung out with my friend Cassi. They were having karaoke night but we didn't sit in the room they were doing that. The doors were open though so we could hear all the singing.

I had sorted out my scraps from cutting the hearts yesterday and started trimming them up. I'm going to work on that a bit before I clean for the kids to come over. Still need to take the Christmas boxes out but I did do some laundry lol


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